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    Yet another Scarefest Report-01/11

    So on the last day of the full open season, for the second year running, I went to Scarefest. Arrived late, around 2, as we would be staying until closing. Pictures will be up as soon as I work out how to post Flickr pictures or one of the other sites like Imageshack are working for me. And...
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    John And Edward

    As much as I hate them, they will win...
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    Velocity-Vekoma Motorbike

    I've noticed no one ever seems to make these coasters, so I had a go. This one is very heavily influenced by the real Velocity and combines flowing air hills with a fast paced twisting section. All forces are well within the acceptable green zone although the twisty section does get a little...
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    Shock Horror-An On Time Report-Blackpool

    At the weekend (yes this weekend, not two months ago), I went Blackpool for the second time this year, feel like Blackpool is turning into a bus, don't go for years then go twice in just a few months! I will have photos uploaded in the photo section some time. Arrived nice and early, and...
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    An extremely late Flamingo Land TPR

    Sorry for taking 4 weeks to actually bother writing a report. In summer I went to Flamingo land for a few days. I wont bore you with all the details; I'll just let you know about the rides. Mumbo Jumbo New ride is good. Very smooth, restraints are cool but uncomfortable, and if you do not...
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    A late Camelot TPR

    Headed to Camelot a few weeks back, as I thought it would never open again, and wanted to go for two reasons, first, it was the first park I went to and having never been back was a bit of a homecoming for me, and secondly, Knightmare. Dragon Coaster Not bad ride, quite good if you remember...
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    Alton-21st July

    Massive coincidence, my summer trip to Alton was the same day as Cials, but I'm still making a report for my trip anyway. Arrived at the park and nearly died when I was told Rita was open. Second time it has been open for me, all within 12 months, wow, must be getting more reliable after...
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    Pleasure Beach Blackpool

    Was originally going to make a long report, but can't be arsed, so it's going to be short-ish. Maybe I'll expand it at a later date. Most things are in order, but may be a couple of mistakes. Weather: Typical British...****. Cold, damp, strong wind, one or two very light, short showers...
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    Excalibur (Finished-Fixed Download now!)

    Hot on the heels of Kusanago comes Excalibur, an Intamin Mega-Lite featuring a jr. immellman and a junior dive loop. Layout it done, terrain is kind of done, supporting is to begin soon. Also, there will be a texture for it. Colours look bright for now, but when the supports are built...
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    I've put Project S to one side for now, I feel I've made good enough progress with it and have hit a bit of a creative brick wall, so I've made a new ride. I present Kusanagi, a small wooden coaster with plenty of airtime packed into it's tight layout and magnetic brakes to bring it to a...
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    Project S

    Enlist below.
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    Top Gear Series (-13-) 15

    For everything that happens this series, talk about Stig/Shumi in that topic. I thought the first episode was quite good, and so glad it's back on. This week we get the Murcielago SV and a race between the McLaren and Bugatti, and the Bugatti will lose, Hammond cocks up the start I hear...
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    Le Mans 2009

    This is for all things related to this years race. Will you be doing the full 24? Who are you supporting? This year, my head said Audi but my heart said Aston, although I knew they stood no chance with petrol engines, but it seems Audi have cocked up the amazing looking R15. The Aston...
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    Red Bull

    Here's a small project I'm working on, one of a couple I'm part way through. This is a very small, compact ride for small parks, fairs and travelling fairs. It is designed as an introduction to inversions and forces, it features one inversion, a loop (which i needed to give, well, unusual...
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    Icarus Intamin Rocket, Completed, Download P1

    Long time no rides, my newest ride is a large Intamin Rocket coaster, called Icarus. The ride features 3 inversion, a junior cobra roll and two Intamin style s-hills. Putting the finishing touches on, will be available soon. 3D's are not mine! Feedback please, also, I got no response...
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    Secret Weapon Tags

    I've heard that the three built SW rides at Alton are tagged with their code (Nemesis SW3, Oblivion SW4 and Air SW5). Is this true and if so, where are the tags located?
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    Quick Questions

    I've got a few questions I would like answering please: 1. How many inversions does Space Mountain 2 have-2 or 3? If three, what is the tongue inversion that is stated when it is claimed to have 3. I take it that it is a cutback style element, hence the confusion? 2. What is the worlds longest...
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    Demon (C-D-P1)

    I've built a new ride, a B&M floorless design with 4 inversions and a tight twisty layout. Sorry for not starting this when I started building but I have forgoten to, so the topic starts with the finished ride. I have finished the ride and you can download it here...
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    Blaze coaster shop-orders (still) welcome

    Ok here is what this is about. I don't do parks or themes, I build rides, and I am pretty good at it. My best score for a single is 11-12 for excitement, 6-8 for intensity and 1-3 for nausea (it was a Giga coaster and I will get a pic to show you this). If you need a ride for a park, then ask...
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    'Please keep your arms inside the ride at all times'

    When riding, do you put your hands above your heads, do you hold the restraints, or just sit there showing less emotion that The Stig? I tend to mix between the three, depending on the ride, how I feel and just random selection in my subconciousness. Sometimes I will change during the ride...