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  1. Yunho Kim

    6-hour Graduation TR to Gyeongju : B&Ms VS 8 Classmates full of fears

    Time for middle school graduation!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!! Goodbye, long and long middle school... and the start of new high school, which is an international high school in Busan Why not going to the park?? I asked my classmates to go the day before this trip. BUT I have an English academy to go...
  2. Yunho Kim

    A Busy but Fun Day at Gyeongju

    BEFORE: Sorry for not upright photos. Looks like this forum system can't accommodate long photos. The story starts on September 14th. The day when I went hot spring in Gyeongju. On that day, after the spa, I saw Draken running. I wanted to ride it, but it was a test preparation period. Just...
  3. Yunho Kim

    2018 Gyeongju World One-day Trip.

    After mid-term in 2nd semester, I got a chance to ride one of my favorite B&Ms. So the closest park from my home is Gyeongju World, so I planned for it, with my friends. My bucket list was riding Phaethon at night but failed frequently. At 9:40 started riding a car from Ulsan, my home. It takes...