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    Tokyo Disneysea 21/05/18

    Hi, long time no post. Thought I'd share my day at Disneysea with you all, took some pretty cool photos if I may say so myself! Before I went, I knew that both Tower Of Terror and Journey would be closed throughout the whole of May. Seems odd that a park would close their two main rides at the...
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    PortAventura PTR

    So I just got back from a week away in sunny Salou, home of PortAventura. I was in the park for at least an hour or two every day bar one, so I won't give a usual 'report', but just a review type thing. First off, PortAventura is amazingly themed. Seriously, each area is almost at Disney level...
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    Leeds Valentines Fair

    So, I dunno if this is in the wrong place, move it if it is please, but with most parks being shut at the moment I just wanna say that Leeds Valentines Fair this year looks a lot better than in recent years. It's playing host to a Fabbri Mega Drop, KMG Freak Out, Top Scan, Booster as well...
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    Trav does Rct3?

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    Trav's Return

    Another park after my hiatus. Blacked out areas are secret or unfinished, or both. 3 points to whoever can guess what the pink-y building in the last screen is.
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    Nemesis Recreation

    So, I got bored today and decided to make a Nemesis Recreation. The track has been completed in 2 hours :lol: It's not super smooth or anything, but ah well. It was for a bit of fun. I'm gonna try landscape it and support it. I'll get a few pictures of in simulator a bit later.
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    Roller Coaster Kingdom

    So, I was doing my usual day to day business on Facebook, when I noticed one of my friends playing on an App called Roller Coaster Kingdom. It's not a superb game or anything, if I had to compare it to another game, it would be Theme Park World, but it's worth a quick look...