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  1. Brett7710

    Koch family re-opening Kentucky Kingdom

    Holiday World have recently posted this link on their facebook page: Maybe there's still life in the place yet. If they did manage to acquire the park, considering some of the rides have now been relocated and the park hasn't operated for a couple of years...
  2. Brett7710

    Coaster trips 2012

    I'm sure that as the 2011 season is drawing to a close for most parks and many of the plans for new 2012 attractions have been announced plenty of us will already have something in mind for next year. There has already been a mention of possible Euro Lives and Japan trips with CF, but what is...
  3. Brett7710

    CS no longer available

    I had a load of CS on my PC before it got a virus, now i've managed to get nearly all of it back plus some new stuff but I cant find a working download for a couple of the sets I used often. Can anyone help me out? I'm looking for Dazmatze's path covers and Mr PKI's coaster tunnels.
  4. Brett7710

    Missed coasters

    A few times i've been to a park but missed out on some of the major attractions for one reason or another, i'm sure many other people have too. Firstly, I knew it wasn't open before I went, but visiting Kings Island and not being able to ride SOB was awful, I first started planning to visit the...
  5. Brett7710

    Coaster Counting

    Am I the only one who's not sure whether to count some coasters as one or two? I would assume that a Möbius Loop coaster would count as one credit, but when it comes to Racing/Duelling coasters or coasters that sit at the side of each other as a mirror opposite i'm not sure how to count them...