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  1. bob_3_

    Aurora [B&M D6 Dive Coaster] - RLRides - DOWNLOAD NOW

    Urgh so..... I know I have many projects happening at the moment, but not many people come down to this corner of CF so it's ok right? This has been a tough week for me, and like usual I get myself lost in layout design to de-stress. This layout came out after looking at emperor and trying to...
  2. bob_3_

    Valley of the Spirits - [B&M Duo RLRides]

    Feel like I'm taking over this forum a little....meh. On my mission to get a full set of B&M coasters completed in NL2 I've been working on this Invert most the winter. It's been scrapped like 10 times, it's been reshaped and reshaped and reshaped. I really wanted something that could sit next...
  3. bob_3_

    RLRides B-Roll

    Just been looking back over some of my rides over the years and put together a little compilation. Took forever with my dinosaur hardware I have to use, but I guess we all have a little more time at the moment. Enjoy =). All the rides are available to download in this forum and there's full POVs...
  4. bob_3_

    Peregrine - DOWNLOAD & POV LIVE - [B&M Wing Coaster RLRides]

    My last project has hit some stagnation so I thought I'd challnge myself with FVD++. Infinity was my first ride using the program and there are many ideas I could improve on, and the reason for a hyper coaster after was it is the easiest coaster type to try and perfect with the main focus being...
  5. bob_3_

    Linnanmäki Summer 2019 - Taiga Review

    Back in 2017, shortly after experiencing the magical Taron at Phantasialand for the first time, I was eager to see what park will go and invest on another Intamin Blitz Coaster using similar systems and those sexy trains. Then out of nowhere Linnanmäki released a picture from NoLimits of their...
  6. bob_3_

    Deity [B&M Hyper Coaster RLRides] -DOWNLOAD NOW PAGE 3

    After Infinity I wanted to go delve back into a B&M. The recent announcement of Orion and my little obsession with Fury's layout has drawn me towards a Giga. It's been a tough one to get right, trying to balance a good variety of elements and that intense speed, while making it have a beautiful...
  7. bob_3_

    Universal Studios Singapore Expansions Looks like they're finally expanding the park. Albeit, probably carbon copies of existing areas and attractions. I enjoy when Universal bring something more unique to the parks like...
  8. bob_3_

    Infinity [Mack Mega Coaster RLRides] DOWNLOAD NOW

    I've been away a while and my old computer is in the skip and I'm trying to work around my work computer and my dying laptop. But it's good to be designing again. I've been travelling a lot and been jotting layouts down for a multi launch after being blown away by Helix and Aaron (and Icon ...
  9. bob_3_

    Bob & Kir's Swedish Pride Adventure - Day 1 Liseberg

    So this year I decided the place to be for coasters is definately Sweden, so we decided to visit Gothenberg & Stockholm. Not alot of planning happened apart from the flight, but hey ho, we boarded out flights and set off. Day 1 - Liseberg So we arrived in Gothenberg late Tuesday night, we...
  10. bob_3_

    RLRides Mack Multilooper

    So I've done soo many layouts and combinations, I've finally made something I kinda like. It's alot different from the other B&Ms I've made, it's less about the floaty and more about hard transitions and force. The colours and terrain are very much tests so not final at all, and I have some...
  11. bob_3_

    New Theme Park In Wales

    Not seen it posted on here (correct if it has) but there's apprently a new theme park scheduled to open for 2018 in Llanelli in south Wales. Source = ... story.html Apprently there's 4 Vekoma coasters, and 3 Gertslauer. Credit chasers paradise haha.
  12. bob_3_

    ISON - [RLRides B&M Dive Coaster]- DOWNLOAD PAGE 2

    So been working on this for what feels like years. Quite frankly the hardest track work to get right, but I'm determined to make one of these (on the way to getting a full set of B&Ms made ;) ). This is mainly to start of showing the ride as it's one I want to see to completion. In these...
  13. bob_3_

    The Red Dragon [NL2 Re-Master] DOWNLOAD ONLINE

    Just between projects I thought I'd revisit the first ride I did using Newton2. It's a ride I'm quite proud of, and there are a few track work details that annoy me, but wanting to revisit the ride I found it didn't import very well, so I'm going back to it to get it back to it's former glory...
  14. bob_3_

    Kite Flyer - [RLRides Wing Coaster] - RELEASED! PAGE 2

    I'm not that good at finishing projects at the moment. I think I have three on the go now. But hey, this is from playing around with the new wing coaster (bandwagon I know..). I've found it hard to get a good balance and they're not the easiest to make ride well. Here's some screens of my...
  15. bob_3_

    Ankapark 10 inversion coaster

    I don't understand if i've just missed this completely. But I thought there was only 2 10 inversion coasters opening in 2014. Never knew about a 3rd one in Turkey (excuse me if there's a topic on it). It looks pretty basic though, even the ride area fencing and loading platform looks temporary...
  16. bob_3_

    Freek [B&M Dive Coaster] RLRides

    So been playing around with this concept for a while and it's coming together. Think Krake meets Oblivion.
  17. bob_3_

    Reuben's Train [Vekoma Multi-launch Minetrain] DOWNLOAD NOW

    Just been working on my new project, it's a terraining hugging Vekoma Minetrain. I started working on it after retying to improve thr Runaway Minetrain at Alton Towers and just got carried away and it turned into a full blown project! The theme was gonna be a little mexican but I watched O'...
  18. bob_3_

    Hawk [B&M Flyer NL2] RELEASED

    Just trying out a few things, but quite happy with half the layout so far! Ignore the colours for now, I'm just playing about for now.
  19. bob_3_

    ProjectJay - B&M Wing Coaster

    I've not actually had a computer for about 4 months, but I've been jotting down ideas for a while, so when I finally got hold of my old one it's been a case of filtering down ideas. I went back to the giga I designed and I just can't get my head round how to make it good, they're so bland on NL...
  20. bob_3_

    RLR Giga Project

    Ok ok, I'm I'm trend following abit, and yes I'm trying another B&M. Ever since Leviathan was announced I've been intrigued with the design. It's not gone down well with enthusiasts but in trying to figure out what B&M were doing I thought I'd give it a go myself. I've seen a few giga attempts...