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  1. iac17

    Rainbow Magicland future

    News just came out that the park under the new Pillarstone management will undergo major refurbishments and investments for a total of 40 million euros in the next 4 years. Source (In Italian):
  2. iac17

    100th cred at KI

    I'll hit my 100th credit next month during my 1st visit at KI and i have no idea about which coaster should be my 100th credit so it came to my mind that i can ask you!
  3. iac17

    Best and Worst restraint?

    Which is your favourite coaster restraint ?(mine are the RMC one) Which one is your least favourite (i would say the Arrow one) Feel free to lock the thread if has already been done
  4. iac17

    What's your thought about B&M vest restraint ?

    I hope nobody created this thread before otherwise feel free to lock it down
  5. iac17

    Worst name for a Coaster?

    Which is the worst or the most inappropriate name given to a coaster?
  6. iac17

    Best period to visit a theme park?

    So this summer i'm going for a coaster trip in the US i'll visit Cedar Point, Kings Island, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, Dollywood and Carowinds This made me wander: What's the best period(during the summer brake: i'm going to be free from the 8th of june until the 10th of september) to...
  7. iac17

    Mirabilandia's next coaster

    In your opinion whitch manufacturer is going to build the next coaster for the ducati world expansion? and whitch model will be? will it be a spike or not?