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  1. ParadiseCoaster

    Six Flags Carolina

    nice, really like it
  2. ParadiseCoaster

    8 Cars

    I've got the same problem, i need to know why :S
  3. ParadiseCoaster

    Lakeside Park

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Lakeside Park! This is my first attempt at an RCT3 park, so i dont have any custom scenery or hacks, so i just play along and have fun with what the game features. If you've seen me in the RCT2 spot, you might remember that for almost every park i create i use...
  4. ParadiseCoaster

    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    one thing wrong with the station is that the roof is the same colour as the coaster :S
  5. ParadiseCoaster

    RCT3 Help, Information and Requests

    Hi im new to rct3, where do you put the maps you download? and where do you put the objects and images for signs etc. ?
  6. ParadiseCoaster

    Disney Round Del World 2009

    I think it looks good anyway. This will become a great park
  7. ParadiseCoaster

    Six Flags over Texas

    like i said on rctavenged, this is good **** ;)
  8. ParadiseCoaster

    Fox Studios World, my second RCT2 park

    I don't like the randomly placed green pieces nor the water, but i love the architecture!
  9. ParadiseCoaster

    Fox Studios World, my second RCT2 park

    didn't you put this up on rcttown once? i'm sure i remeber it from there.
  10. ParadiseCoaster

    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    weeee, that's good;) keep it up!
  11. ParadiseCoaster

    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    the red colour on the entrance gate roofs is to sharp. It looks a bit odd
  12. ParadiseCoaster

    Paramounts Great Lakes, Some Unfortunate News!

    shame you didn't finish it, most realistic park here....:(
  13. ParadiseCoaster

    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    Hotel looks good.
  14. ParadiseCoaster

    Manta- B&M Flyer for SWO opening May 22

    Looks amazing! another coaster that i have to ride.
  15. ParadiseCoaster

    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    I love it, keep up the good work!