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  1. JK


    Hey New Elements new site was launched the other day with a brand new spotlight. The dynamics of the sight has completely changed and builders now release parks to be ranked on an overall system. For those who haven't joined NE please do, If you love rct it is...
  2. JK

    JKs H2H5 Park's

    Hey well my team won H2h5. If you don't know its a competition at New Element. I had an amazing team and there were a lot better builders than me on my team so it was awesome to work with them. Anyway here are my parks I made this season. One park won yet the other didnt but I'm still pretty...
  3. JK

    New Solo

    Hello to Coasteforce! It's been ages since I posted here but I've really missed the forums so thought I might as well post something in here. Here's my second full scale solo that I'm really enjoying building at the minute. Enjoy the screens guys!!! It's so good to be back! The park map size...