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  1. 10ryansmith


    Im going to Kings Island with my school for after prom and I was wanting to know how much things are going to be at the park. The problem: there is nothing on the site that shows the prices of the merchindise and that is going to be an issue. The whole trip to get there and back and the entrence...
  2. 10ryansmith

    Discovery World, Tawain?

    My family is going to a wedding in tawian. Don't ask me who it is, some distant cousin from Canada that moved to Tawain. To the questions: Is this park worth the money and the time? I really wanted to go becuase of Gravity Max but my mom doesn't want to go. I have to convine her, not hard...
  3. 10ryansmith

    Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi

    I was just told that there will be a coaster that will go 150mph in 8 seconds! :shock: My source is Jason Hedges he is overseeing the istilation of the 2 roller coasters in the park. More later.