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    Spiders... to kill or not to kill!

    Scream and find someone to get it for me who normally then release it outside unless its my bro who taunts me with it first, If however no ones in it dies simple as!
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    CF-Live: OK III - Morning Wood - Trip Reports

    Speak for yaself! I loathe youtube! Ugh cant watch it unless I watch it in silence as Jasons asleep and cant find headphones! I WANNA WATCH! But yeah peeps yours was cool! Reminded me of some of the old 2005 season!
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    CF-Live: OK III - Morning Wood - Trip Reports

    Well we are all now back and Erol has been packed off on his train. Was a great weekend (minus the weather). Was glad I got to do megaphobia and have the ORP to proove it. Loved catching up with everyone again. Too tired to write much else other than Thanks to Mark and Marc for...
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    Yeah just for driving.
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    If you found £100...

    I had this debate with friends a few weeks back but to be honest I would hand it in. But if its anything under £25 I'd keep it. Those are my morals anyway LOL!
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    Cheese on Toast - Grated or sliced?

    Slice because we have some whizzy cheese slicer thing and ive never been able to grate cheese in my life!! :D
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    Sexuality V

    Bisexual as always...
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    How physically fit are you?

    Im not on about attractiveness here! Since having Jason Ive realised just how unfit I was. Thus have joined a gym and plan to get to the fittest I have ever been. Would you say your super fit, moderately fit, not very fit, really unfit? Im voting not very fit.
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    The ^ < V game

    ^? < Has her new camera wooooooooooooooooooooo v will have recently got a camera too.
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    Taz or Freddo?

    Strange this because my local londis sells Freddo bars both with caramel and without! So yeah I prefer ones with caramel!
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    Bunjie jumping or Sky diveing.

    Definately do both. But would have to be in Australia at the place my uncle went to because it had spectacular scenery for both!
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    Sorry if it's been done before. B&M or Intamin?

    My vote goes to B&M theres very few Intamin coasters that I like but am yet to come across a B&M that I dont like. B&M track also looks neater and sleeker than Intamins in my opnion
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    Kumali vs. The Pepsi Max Big One

    Kumali no doubt, everything about that ride is bad anyway! The Big Un rooooooooooooooles!!! Neithers amazing but Kumalis well just no!
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    What's New on CF!

    New Disney MGM Studios Gallery ... tionid/128
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    Do you sleep naked??

    Most I go to is my underwear, fully naked is just too uncomfortable for me and I feel really open and vunerable lol.
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    UK's Best Log Flume

    Loggers Leap at Thorpe, great themeing and gets you away from the park, is so peaceful! The double drop is neat as hell and airtime filled and the indoor part is just scary as f**k. Dont get me started on Blackpools log flume, if the pleasure beach gave me the chance I would personally rip...
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ Its a good park so your aloud < Is bored and hungry V Likes quavers?
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ Do you want to? < Has decided she doesnt like heat one bit V will be the same.
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ a few more yeah < Is stressed V is also stressed
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    The ^ < V game

    ^ Had one so far < Has just got up having lazed on the sofa since 10am. V Will be lazy like me.