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  1. Nicky

    UK to change all schools to academies by 2020

    Re: UK to 'close' all schools by 2020 Not quite sure about you saying that teachers can slip whatever they want into lessons. Kinda find that offensive as a teacher. Whether they are an academy or not, we still have national expectations with assessments. I work in a school at the moment that...
  2. Nicky

    Ever Wanted To Ride A Wind Turbine?

    Literally told my class this week that you cannot have a ride on a wind turbine. Now I will have to show them these ideas and say I got it wrong :(
  3. Nicky

    France - The only way is Up! - April 2014

    Yep its a French rule. You need to wear a hi-vis if you have to get out of your car on the motorway as well as having many other things in the car at the same time i.e. two breathlysers (did mean that when we had the hire car we had double of everything which was a bit ridiculous). Stupid...
  4. Nicky

    Fantasy Football 2014/15

    Re: Fantasy Football 2013/14 Joined. Adding some female presence to this league.
  5. Nicky

    Proper Football (y'know, with your foot and a ball) Thread

    Re: Proper Football (y'know, with your foot and a ball) Thre Don't moan about it. Not like we aren't going to see a soccer game when we are in New York... Oh the joy of supporting two teams (Man Utd since I was born and Palace since I started going out with Benin) who used to be in separate...
  6. Nicky

    Manchester Star Flyer

    It's in Piccadilly Gardens in the centre of Manchester. It's right near Market Street Metrolink shop and opposite the side of Primark.
  7. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    Day 4 - 14th March The early starts and late nights were starting to get to us. So the day before we had asked at our reception desk to change our breakfast slot so we had a more respectable start of 8.45am rather than the 7am the day before. Due to our late start, we skipped out on EMH all...
  8. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    I was wondering whether anyone would notice that or just accept that I have obviously used a photo from later on in the trip to illustrate my point :P
  9. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    Day 3 - Wednesday 13th March We woke up to see that no more snow had fallen but it was bitterly cold. The shot of the Panorama balloon was a useful way to show cold it actually was. The lake had even started to freeze over. It wasn't looking good for rides actually being able to open in...
  10. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    Now for the Tower post. I've done both the ones in Florida and Paris which have different ride systems. Now before I went to Paris I thought that the Florida one would be the best. However my opinion was changed on this trip. While there are the obvious language barriers with the one in Paris I...
  11. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    Day 2 - 12th March The only downside of trips like this is the idea of a lie in does get thrown out of the window. Hello half 7 lot for breakfast. We looked out of the window and it looked like it was raining. Oh well, we can deal with the rain I'm from the north. First up was the extra magic...
  12. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    I ended up going from Benin's house (South London) but it would just be the cost of an advance train ticket from Manchester which would be about £20 or so. It cost us £610 in hotel/park tickets with additional £120 in eurostar tickets for the two of us. I've done Disney before by car and coach...
  13. Nicky

    Snow Joke in Disney - 11th-15th March

    A holiday that was meant to be for Valentine’s Day but there were just too many ride refurb spites. As it is we miss POTC on this one by one day :(. We also managed to grab a deal with two days and nights free. *starts the Disney 20th Anniversary album going on her iTunes* Day 1 - Monday 11th...
  14. Nicky

    Amazing scale models of attractions

    In Hotel Colloseo at Europa Park they had a scale model of Wodan in the middle of the foyer which was pretty amazing
  15. Nicky

    The Games we play...

    Guess it's related to how much people seemed to have liked the sailing bits of ASC3
  16. Nicky

    Camelot - Closed for good

    I'd be surprised if when they move Whirlwind it doesn't collapse into a heap.
  17. Nicky

    Uproar at CWOA over animal 'neglect'

    Surely the problem should be with the people who abandoned them in the car park?
  18. Nicky

    Best Eurofighter?

    I can't believe I forgot about that. Me and Steph having floating coins coming towards our faces on the drop thanks to Slayed. Oh and trying to find the ones that had landed on the tarmac :P
  19. Nicky

    Shows and parades

    Just remembered that the Jousting show at Camelot used to be worth a watch, even if it was just somewhere sheltered to eat your packed lunch. We also watched the birds of prey show which was really good, not many people went to it but the guy was doing something that he loved.
  20. Nicky

    Cali & Coasters PTR- Day 8 Up! (Sea World and San Diego)

    Can't remember how far back it was in your trip but I just wanted to say how awesome Cinnastack pancakes are at IHOP. I had them twice in Florida and only managed about a quarter of them each time no matter how hard I tried.