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    Would you ride this? (Dodgy looking rides)

    For both of them, definitely. For the second one...a NAD? From 2004, with no clear history before that? And it's steel, a shuttle, and looping?! Wow. That's *really* interesting!!
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    I definitely really enjoy strong airtime. That said, I don't find it totally necessary for a good coaster.
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    Your favorite moment of airtime?

    Everyone knows Toro, "Bizarro", Behemoth, etc. but there's a couple of less commonly appreciated ones that stand out to me: -Georgia Cyclone (SFOG) -Cyclone (SFNE) Both give insane airtime in the back (SFNE's in fewer spots, admittedly).
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    Long Overdue Vegas TR

    ^^ Good to know; if I'm there again I'd like to get it though. Did you hit Desperado when you were there? ^ You mean because it's Vegas or because the TR was so late?
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    Long Overdue Vegas TR

    As Snoo and CP6 can attest, I've been particularly bad about getting TRs done in anywhere near reasonable time...or even altogether. This one I wrote up way back in May '09, but didn't manage to organize, caption, and upload pictures until now...better late than never? Anyhow, here's what I...
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    Millennium Force or Forceless?

    ^ No worries; I certainly understand that preplanning the distribution of writing, especially for extensive pieces, can be difficult. It was good to have you come by and comment; I just was a bit surprised, and I hoped you wouldn't take my previous comments personally. I certainly wouldn't...
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    X:/No Way (Out)

    You know, I thought this topic looked familiar...
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    Your favourite Alton Towers logo?

    I agree with Taylor... is that a bad sign? EDIT: good going to me on bringing up an old topic. Oops.
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission on Cars?

    Alright! I'm pretty happy with the responses so far. For the record, I'm in America and currently the driver of an American car with a it is possible (though it did cost extra). Do tell... True, but I don't think it's nearly as much fun...especially since you can't rev between...
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    Millennium Force or Forceless?

    Well, it's a bit different to actually critique an article in front of the author. You're actually going out, finding data, and writing about it, which is pretty admirable. I hope this wasn't too personal. I went back and read the article so that I could actually do you justice with a full...
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission on Cars?

    I suppose this is more of a debate in the US, where automatic transmissions are more common, but if you've driven both, which do you prefer?
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    Millennium Force or Forceless?

    I don't really feel like I strayed much from fact into opinion. I'm curious to hear if you think other coasters have beat it on speed or drop since then, if that's what you're referencing. More than willing to hear me a good "to do" list of rides ;). That's hardly a...
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    2009 Coasterpoll Results

    Erg...I was holding out hope that Katun would beat Nemesis after all. Anyone on here ridden both and prefer Nemesis? I'd love to know how many ballots where people rode both voted Nemesis higher... On the other hand, I was also worried that MF wouldn't make the top that's refreshing...
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    ^ Heh, well, I suppose I take your criticism of it a bit too seriously...but at the same time, your anti-MF comments aren't always directed at me...and it does seem like you jump in and hate on it pretty much anytime it comes up ;). Aww, thanks...I guess that goes for you as well ;). I hear...
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    Millennium Force or Forceless?

    Let me start by saying it was TL;DR and I didn't manage to get through the entire thing...but I did read enough to irritate me. It still somewhat mystifies me that Millennium Force can be controversial - it's not exactly complicated. No; there's not a lot of raw G-force, but there's a huge...
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    I personally use fanboy a couple of ways. When calling myself a fanboy, I typically am referring to something I like more than most people do. For example, I could call myself a flyer fanboy and a Disaster Transport fanboy. When used in talking about other people, especially if it's in a...
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    Coaster Noises in Real Life?

    Am I the only one that hears noises in real life that remind me of coasters? The most current example would be that the drink machine at Panera today made a high-pitched sound today that sounded almost exactly to me like the high-pitched sound Millennium Force's brake section (or Top Thrill, or...
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    'Blacking/Whiting' out on a coaster

    Never completely. I can get some black on the edges pretty regularly in the back of Goliath at SFOG, though. The closest I've ever come was on Mantis without the trim.
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    2009 Coasterpoll Results

    Love it. Yeah; to reiterate, I don't think anyone that's ridden Stampida post-Kumbak trains enjoyed the experience.
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    lonely rider

    I'm sure there's more than this, but at least Mindbender, Sidewinder, and Mean Streak come to mind...Mindbender countless times just with CP6, and neither of us say anything typically, so it might as well have been alone. Pretty big contrast there between Mean Streak and Mindbender. I'd...