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  1. Mr Nash

    Thorpe Park | Angry Birds | 4D Cinema/area retheme

    Maybe that's just more Angry Birds theming. :wink:
  2. Mr Nash

    How old is too old for theme parks?

    It's kind of like peep is saying, you do start to question whether at a certain age, it's time to call it a day before making yourself look silly. I did go to Thorpe Park about 3 years ago on my own, and believe me I did feel out of place, especially in a place like that, I swear I was the...
  3. Mr Nash

    How old is too old for theme parks?

    This is something that's been bugging me for a while now,I'll be 44 this year and although I still enjoy going to theme parks,one thing I've noticed is,at the parks I visit,I'm probably the oldest person there. Ok there may be older people in the park,maybe with grandchildren etc,but actually...
  4. Mr Nash

    Do you care about your dark ride shooter score?

    Not in the slightist. I only tend to go on these rides if I've ridden everything else and I have time to kill,or it's raining and I need to get inside. Even then I start with good intensions,but soon get bored,by about the halfway stage I stop firing and start just watching the scenery or...
  5. Mr Nash

    Thorpe 2013

    I'm really quite miffed that the tunnel has gone,it was my favourite part of Loggers,the drop doesn't look any where near as big now it's not in darkness.I might just boycott it now,out of protest. :lol: I give it a month...tops. :--D
  6. Mr Nash

    Catapult at SFNE to be removed for SkyScreamer

    Before I rode Slammer,all I heard was how awful the shoulder restraints were.Yet I have never experienced that on any of my rides.Infact I love how loose thay are,and how you get that out of seat feeling,it kind of adds to the ride experience.
  7. Mr Nash

    Harlem Shake

    I've avoided watching this type of video,mainly because of that bloody Gangnam Style song. Everything about that song really got my goat,it got to the point that whenever I heard it,I want to punch someone.But I must admit having watch this one,it has made me chuckle,it certainly is one of the...
  8. Mr Nash

    Catapult at SFNE to be removed for SkyScreamer

    Now I'm probably in a minority here,but I absolutely love Slammer,infact I'd say it's one of my favourites at Thorpe. Looking at that video,there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two,but it would be interesting to hear from people who have ridden both,how they compare. I really...
  9. Mr Nash

    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | The Smiler | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1 The Inoculator,The Hypnotiser,The Tickler,The Giggler & The Flasher all sound like a brand of condoms too me more than anything else. Got to admit,the gap between my last visit to Alton and now is far to wide.Thirteen never really...
  10. Mr Nash

    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: The Swarm - B&M 'Wing-Rider', Thorpe Park 2012 Do we have any old aeroplane scrapyards over here? I know there's a huge one in America,but I didn't know if one existed in the UK. It's great to see this finally go vertical,I've never been to a coasters opening day,this may well be my first one.
  11. Mr Nash


    There must be something very wrong with me,because everytime I watch that,I go into hysterics. Must be my sick sense of humour.
  12. Mr Nash

    Who's Going to Be Next to Get a Wingrider?

    My monies going for China. Probably the biggest one so far,with completely different inversions.
  13. Mr Nash

    Is the incredible hulk meant to be loud?

    Nothing beats that B&M roar,to me that's a sign of a good coaster. I think the louder a coaster,the more intimidating it becomes.
  14. Mr Nash

    Black Diamond for Knoebels - construction walk-thru

    It's been so long,I'd completly forgotten about this. Did the flood waters affect this at all?,I know the park got flooded,but not sure which areas got affected. Be a shame to see this get any further set backs.
  15. Mr Nash

    Longest Queue and Most Excessive Switchbacks

    EVERYTHING at Thorpe Park.
  16. Mr Nash

    Best Ride Music

    This. I can remember spending days at work,with this tune going through my head on a constant loop. I've even gone as far as looking this song up on t'internet.
  17. Mr Nash

    Flooding at Hersheypark has taken lives of zoo animals

    Right,I need help here,because I'm either being incredibly thick,or just missing something. They can get to the animals to put them down,but not to rescue them?
  18. Mr Nash

    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: The Swarm - B&M 'Wing-Rider', Thorpe Park 2012 It's been a while since I've been in this topic,but I thought I'd pop in just to see how things are progressing. And. Oh dear. I think it's time everybody got back on the sunshine bus.
  19. Mr Nash

    Worst Down Time

    I'm nominating Saw. I can't think of a single occasion,when I've been queueing for it,whether it's been once or multiple times in one day,that it hasn't broken down.On every visit,on every occasion,it's broken down.It's downtime is appalling. I could almost say the same for Stealth,but I'll...
  20. Mr Nash

    Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: The Swarm - B&M 'Wing-Rider', Thorpe Park 2012 Surely if the seats were going to spin,we'd have seen something about it by now? And would that feature have been made more prominent in the videos? Or are they holding out as a surprise for later on? Yes all those are questions,so answers...