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    Long Overdue Vegas TR

    As Snoo and CP6 can attest, I've been particularly bad about getting TRs done in anywhere near reasonable time...or even altogether. This one I wrote up way back in May '09, but didn't manage to organize, caption, and upload pictures until now...better late than never? Anyhow, here's what I...
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission on Cars?

    I suppose this is more of a debate in the US, where automatic transmissions are more common, but if you've driven both, which do you prefer?
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    Coaster Noises in Real Life?

    Am I the only one that hears noises in real life that remind me of coasters? The most current example would be that the drink machine at Panera today made a high-pitched sound today that sounded almost exactly to me like the high-pitched sound Millennium Force's brake section (or Top Thrill, or...
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    Vekoma or getting hit by a car?

    Alright; I'm feeling a bit silly, and furie's complaining about a lack of good topics, so here goes: Do you think it would be more fun to ride a mediocre Vekoma (ex: Ninja @ SFOG, any SLC except Hangman @ Wild Adv., etc) or get hit by a car going say 30-40mph while you're in a Sumo Suit (pic...
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    Blackpool publicity

    I had a bit of an interesting encounter a few weekends back; thought you guys might appreciate the story. Just to preface this, I'm from the US, in CA at the moment. We were visiting a couple of family friends who are from the UK, but have been living in the US for at least 5 years and in CA...