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  1. TTDfan52

    Smoothest coaster?

    It's SheiKra for me.
  2. TTDfan52

    Do you keep in touch with your Ex?

    Nope. It's kinda awk when I see her.
  3. TTDfan52

    First Time Evah in Florida - DAY 12 BUSCH GARDENS TAMPA BAY!

    Re: First Time Evah in Florida - DAY 12 BUSCH GARDENS TAMPA Best pics yet! Awesome trip report.
  4. TTDfan52

    Raptor, Swarm, Wild Eagle or X-Flight?

    X-Flight. Just because it's coming to my home park, so it's the only one I'll be able to ride for sure.
  5. TTDfan52

    whats your favourite sport?

    Pole Vaulting or Baseball.
  6. TTDfan52

    Most exciting coaster project for 2012?

    I'm still excited for B&M's first giga, but now that more have been announced X-Flight, and the newer pics for Parc Asterix are looking awesome. Can't wait to find out what Dollywood has up their sleeves.
  7. TTDfan52

    Iron Wolf will Close on Labor Day

    Re: Iron Wolf may be removed by the end of the 2011 season Looks like the dip-n-dots guy was right, huh?
  8. TTDfan52

    Coaster Facts that the GP have got wrong

    Today in the Chicago Trib. they had an article about the new coaster for SFGAm. In the article, they were listing stats of the SFGAm coaster. They added a zero to RB's height, so it was 2000 ft tall. And no editors caught that RB was thousands of ft higher than any other coaster at SFGAm...
  9. TTDfan52

    SF Magic Mountain |"Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom"| Drop Tower

    Re: Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, 400ft drop tower for SFMM Wow. That's a tall tower. Looks amazing.
  10. TTDfan52

    Six Flags Great America |"X-Flight"| B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: "X-Flight"- B&M (Wing Rider) for Six Flags Great America I'm so pumped for this because SFGAm is my home park.
  11. TTDfan52


    I could see them replacing text books in school in the far future. That way the school won't have to buy as many books if the loaned one to each student for a year. But that would be in the far future if they made them more durable and made models meant for school use.
  12. TTDfan52

    Most Unsafe Waterslides

    Where was this thing for the airtime awards?
  13. TTDfan52

    Most Comfortable/Uncomfortable B&M Seats

    Comfty: Hyper Uncomfty: Stand up
  14. TTDfan52

    Neat "History of the Roller Coaster" Infographic

    That was some awesome info with great pics. Thanks.
  15. TTDfan52

    Gay Parenting

    Lol. Sorry to break up the seriousness of this topic, but for math nerds like me this statement is wrong. I know what you were trying to get at Joey, but if a=b, then b has to equal a. Sorry about the randomness.
  16. TTDfan52

    Six Flags Great America 2012

    I'm guessing the new coaster is gunna go where the classic cars/water ride thingy used to be because SFGAm has already said they're building a ferris wheel where IW was.
  17. TTDfan52

    Straight, Curved or Twisty?

    Well, I see what your saying. I like the "curved" drops. Awesome airtime.
  18. TTDfan52

    What holiday is your birthday?

    July 3rd. Build A Scarecrow Day - first Sunday in month Compliment Your Mirror Day Disobedience Day Stay out of the Sun Day Lol.