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  1. JoshC.

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Given that the 'end' of the track (where the turntable is) also has numbers 1-4 marked on the ground in the animation, is it possible this is like a two station thing as well? As in you only ride from one side to the other, then get off and exit, and another group rides back to the original...
  2. JoshC.

    What UK Parks are "Worth It?"

    I was thinking about this when I was on my last road trip, in that the UK doesn't really feel like a great place for a cred run. It's all quiet spread out really, opening hours are hit and miss and the parks which are close together aren't easy to complete in one day imo. Personally unless I'm...
  3. JoshC.

    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    Yes. Simply put, a block is there to "block" a train moving to the next section of a ride if the previous train hasn't gone past the next block. The maximum number of trains most coasters can usually run is the number of blocks the ride has, minus 1. For example, your standard sit down roller...
  4. JoshC.

    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Airtime hill coming in...
  5. JoshC.

    How many theme parks have you visited since parks reopened?

    9: Thorpe Park Legoland Chessington Parc du Bocasse Festyland Parc Saint Paul Jardin d'Acclimatition Parc Asterix Dennlys I'll be adding Alton Towers and Blackpool to that list hopefully too
  6. JoshC.

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    Yesterday the park appeared to do some filming of Rookburgh, as vaguely seen from this photo: From Paul Nightingale, PhantaFriends
  7. JoshC.

    Schwaben Park | Hummel Brummel | Wie-Flyer

    Staff have been riding it now. Opens to the public on Saturday:
  8. JoshC.

    GCI vs Gravity Group: which wooden coaster company do you like more?

    I've done 6 GCIs and 1 Gravity Group, so it's hard to judge. But the one GG I've done (Wood Express) was incredible rattly for a ride that was only a couple of years old, and the restraints weren't great. Whilst many GCIs are 'safe' options layout wise, I'd rather have their consistent quality...
  9. JoshC.

    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    Oooh that's a fun one to do... 1. Taron 2. Untamed 3. Zadra 4. Helix 5. Goliath (Walibi Holland) 6. Formula Rossa 7. Hyperion 8. Wildfire (Kolmarden) 9. Flying Aces 10. Shambhala Zadra and Rossa were hard ones to gauge, but I feel like they're about right. And a reminder of mine for those on...
  10. JoshC.

    20th Century Fox World | Malaysia | Theme Park

    This is the layout that has been shared here and there for however many years it's been since it was first announced: (not sure what the original source is) So if it's accurate it appears like there's a side slide and a twist and drop.
  11. JoshC.

    David & Dave Do Trips' (plus some other stuff).

    Definitely the mallard joke - a rare instance of being literally "laughing out loud" when reading something online (yes, I should probably get out the house more).
  12. JoshC.

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    It's a nice set of calculations, but your estimates about capacity are way off. For example: Movie Park Germany said in a recent Q&A session on their Instagram that they're allowed 10,000 people on park whilst Covid measures are in place, but are currently limiting themselves to 8,000 people...
  13. JoshC.

    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    If I remember correctly, the Sky Fly was originally planned to go in the Western area this year, along with a Mack Twost n Splash and a general revamp of that area. That was delayed, after the entrance revamp was pushed back from 2019 to 2020 (which itself was again delayed). [Edit: it's...
  14. JoshC.

    Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone

    I genuinely think I'd have preferred if it was called 2aron or something. That's the worst possible name out of all the rough translations of the Chinese name I reckon :(
  15. JoshC.

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert

    ^I never really liked the idea of calling it Blue Harvest - it just didn't seem to make sense. Glad it was just a project name. Monster's an okay name; does the job. Could have been a bit more creative though really.
  16. JoshC.

    Vulcania | Namazu | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    An update of dirt and concrete: Source:
  17. JoshC.

    David & Dave Do Trips' (plus some other stuff).

    Lovely report! Makes me really want to go to Frass-per-tee-us (sorry, Fre-par-twee) City even more - looks like a lovely little park. Plus I didn't know it has a Soquet ♥
  18. JoshC.

    Plopsaland 2020

    So the Plospaland hotel is still going ahead and is meant to open late this year. Here's an update from Plopsa's Quality Controller:
  19. JoshC.

    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    1. Nemesis 2. Swarm 3. Shambhala 4. Icon 5. Blue Fire 6. Stealth 7. Red Force 8. Silver Star 9. Wicker Man 10. The Smiler (Ones in italics are ones I haven't ridden)
  20. JoshC.

    You can expect this at the Walibi Fright Nights 2020

    10k people as a max capacity sounds crazy low. Normally they manage 10k on their quietest Fright Nights dates, and have a capacity at around 23k. Also, given how busy queues have been and pictures I've seen from the park over the last couple of weeks, the park looks incredibly busy - feels like...