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  1. Tomatron

    Fatal Accident at Parc Saint Paul

    I went on this about 6 years ago, and it was a bit terrifying even with both of the restraints. But if the seat belts have been removed, that's a big no-no, especially in this day and age.
  2. Tomatron

    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    Just over 6 months since I was at Phantasialand, and it's starting to get a bit long in the tooth now. I'm looking at going to Europe in the next couple of months, and hit up some domestic parks in the next few weeks.
  3. Tomatron

    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Looking forward to this taking shape now. Walibi Belgium is doable in a day from Manchester, and whilst I would never have dreamed of doing such a thing before this ride gets built, I'd definitely consider it once it's up and running.
  4. Tomatron

    Gullivers Valley

    ^The original concept of the site looked half-decent, but it's been scaled back and back to the point where now it's just beyond underwhelming. I'd like to give it a chance and try and go with an open mind, and I've got friends and in-laws with families I can tag along with for creds. But...
  5. Tomatron

    PowerPark | Pitts Special | Gerstlauer Infinity

    The first rule of Pitts Special is: You do not talk about Pitts Special.
  6. Tomatron

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Forgot this was still a thing. Not sure how more dead if can get. But where there's a will, there's a way.
  7. Tomatron

    New Theme Park In Wales

    Doing better than the UK Paramount Resort anyway,
  8. Tomatron

    Alabama’s Rampage and Wales’ Megafobia

    I honestly thought Rampage was going to be pretty rough when we rode it, but it was utterly joyous and a lesson in how to maintain and look after a wooden coaster. Especially one that had sat SBNO for 3 years. Look after your rides or they’ll go to s***. Not much more to said here.
  9. Tomatron

    M&D's Theme Park goes into Administration

    That's an insult to most Six Flags parks. Shame that a load of folks have been made unemployed, especially in times like these when it's very difficult to find alternative employment. But let's face it, it was a glorified fairground with an arcade on the side, and a load of rides that you're...
  10. Tomatron

    Bellewaerde | Wakala | Gerstlauer Family Semi-Shuttle

    This could be pretty fun. Bellewaerde is a really nice park, and from what has been released about it, this ride should suit the place perfectly.
  11. Tomatron

    TusenFryd to build swing launch coaster for 2021

    Some very optimistic speculation in this topic. It'll be a solid ride. Not spectacular, not game-changing, but a ride that the park really needs. Parques Reunidos have a habit of doing this, and I don't expect anything different from them this time around.
  12. Tomatron

    CANCELLED - Basic Beginnings | ALTON TOWERS | 22nd Mar 2020

    Liz and I should be there.
  13. Tomatron

    ElloCoaster - 2019 Wood & Steel Results! {Page 3}

    In short, it's ****ing terrifying.
  14. Tomatron

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    Should be able to make Alton Towers and Flamingo Land.
  15. Tomatron

    Chessington World Of Adventures Have Revealed Elmer's Flying Jumbos In 2020

    I think I know why. I quote from the article: "The first-ever Elmer theme park ride will open at Cheddington World of Adventures in 2020, headlining a full year of activity for the beloved storybook brand. " Quite frankly, it's disappointing that Coasterforce has clearly missed this new theme...
  16. Tomatron

    Knightmare is now scrap metal, y'all can stop wondering

    The only thing going for Knightmare is that it doesn't have this on its doorstep.
  17. Tomatron

    Favorite Defunct Roller Coaster

    My choice also. Shame it had to go, but it was tearing itself apart.
  18. Tomatron

    Sea World San Antonio | Texas Stingray | Wooden Coaster

    The trains are brand new ones, they're not reusing Gwazi's.
  19. Tomatron

    Half Pipe At Särkänniemi To Be Removed.

    Oh well. No big loss here.
  20. Tomatron

    Tonnerre de Zeus to be Renovated for 2021?

    Agreed with a lot of the comments so far. Zeus isn't the ride it once was because of all that's been built in the last 10 years or so, but it's still good fun in a beat-the-crap-out-of-you way. And knowing how much capital the park are investing in the launched Intamin cred, I'd be staggered if...