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  1. Ollie

    Hobs Pit Review

    I was lucky to be able to attend the VIP event for Pleasurewood Hills new ride Hobs Pit. Having never visited the park before I'd only heard from others what to expect and opinions ranged from the place being a dump to people having fond memories of visiting when growing up. Upon arriving at the...
  2. Ollie

    New AR Game for Thorpe Park

    If you went to Thorpe Park last year, you’ll know all about The Swarm. For 2013, it’s back with a vengeance… This video has just been released to launch an AR game for the park that follows the story of one of last year’s survivors. “Adam has just escaped from 332 days of captivity. While he...
  3. Ollie

    Hayling Island at night

    My brother asked if I could post this for him as he went to Hayling when it was shut with some friends and realised you could still walk round the park so went in with his friends and took some photos. Just want to say that at no point did they climb any fences, break in or go into locked places...
  4. Ollie

    Magician attacked and set on fire on Live TV

    For those who haven't heard on Facebook, the magician Wayne Houchin was attacked live on air in the Dominican Republic by the host who set his face on fire. They threw Agua de Florida (which is highly flammable due to its high alcohol content) in his face and set it on fire to take out his...
  5. Ollie

    Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest Review

    Tulleys is considered the holy grail of scare attractions in the UK among many people so I was glad to finally get to visit after many years. It was busy when we arrived so we had to park in the overflow car park. Tulleys had placed lots of boards down to try and keep you out the mud as much as...
  6. Ollie

    Screamfest at the National Forest Adventure Farm Review

    Last night I got the chance to visit and review Screamfest on behalf of Coasterforce. The event is located at the National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton upon Trent. It took us a while to find but once we were near there were some signs to follow which meant we soon pulled up into the spacious...
  7. Ollie

    Theme Park Logo Quiz

    Played a couple of logo game apps and found it interesting how different logos look without the text and how even brands you know loads can be hard to guess. Anyway I had some free time this morning so decided to make my own version using theme park logos. I've edited some pictures (badly) by...
  8. Ollie

    Inside Stonehenge

    I know this won't interest you. The summer Solstice doesn't really interest me either. But it was a chance to actually go inside Stonehenge and touch the stones. Usually when you visit you pay stupid amounts of money to get in to walk round a path in a circle around the stones. You can't go...
  9. Ollie

    Girl injured on Lightwater Valley rollercoaster
  10. Ollie

    The Swarm On Fire

    Not massive news but the fire effect on The Swarm is finally working. The LED lights and DVDs on trains are scheduled to go live tomorrow as well. Although when I went in Easter the mist and sound effect on the plane wing weren't on/working. Hopefully they'll keep the effects working (they...
  11. Ollie

    Man rescued from inside Oblivion's tunnel And on Towerstimes ... m=facebook
  12. Ollie

    Revolution Makeover

    Blackpool have posted some images of what the ride will look like on their Facebook page. I think the new logo looks great but dislike how dull the one shade of grey is. Could have mixed it up a bit.
  13. Ollie

    Free Disneyland Paris tickets!

    Just found this deal online where they're giving away 2 free adult tickets to Sky customers. ... index.html Can't say no to that really. :)
  14. Ollie

    Submission and Enterprise to close?

    From Towerstimes. LINK
  15. Ollie

    Harry Potter Expansion - Universal Orlando

    Decided to start an actual topic for it instead of clogging up the topic about Jaws closing. Anyway plans have been leaked about the new area and rides. Sounds pretty cool as whenever you see the credit in Gringotts you just want to ride it. :P
  16. Ollie

    Saw or Th13teen?

    Has this one been done before? Could be quite interesting as people slate both rides. So which do you like best out of the two?
  17. Ollie

    My Tram Experience

    The latest viral video to be going round Youtube. Absolutely disgusting woman. If you haven't seen it then here's the video. Warning: Contains strong language and a vile woman. The police are now trying to find the identity of the woman in the video...
  18. Ollie

    Dirty Theme Parks

    No not dirty as if in not clean. Here's to post sexual things theme parks have. Either done on purpose or intentionally (ie the bush shaped like a penis from one of the parks on the Euro Live (or the ones that look like butt-plugs in the middle of the Towers at Alton). To get things started...
  19. Ollie

    CCR To Close Forever

    Not major news but Canada Creek Railway at Thorpe Park is to close forever on the 6th November. Image from Go Merlin.
  20. Ollie

    Alton Towers Scare Room (FULL SPOILERS)

    WARNING: This contains complete spoilers. Do not read if you're staying/thinking of staying in a Scare Room The main purpose of this report is for those that are curious about the Scare Rooms. They're a lot of money so not everyone gets to experience them or find out what happens. This was both...