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  1. Johnny

    Best looking Girls Aloud member?

    Just a random topic from me; who do you think is the best looking member of Girls Aloud? Also, all the comments and opinions I've seen around the net are different - everyone else seems to have a different opinion of them and so I thought I'd see what CF make of them. And when I saw them...
  2. Johnny

    Dragon Khan vs. Incredible Hulk

    I've seen for a while these two in debate over which is better, and I was just curious as to what people think is the better ride, whether you've been on both, only one, or neither. So, Dragon Khan or Incredible Hulk?
  3. Johnny

    El Toro vs. The Voyage vs. Balder

    I know El Toro vs. The Voyage has been done before, but seeing as more people have ridden both, or at least one of them, I think it's fair that I start up this poll. I put Balder in there too just to make the poll a little different to the last one, and seeing that these 3 are/have been...
  4. Johnny

    Kingda Ka's and TTD's 270° downward spiral drop

    Do you think the 270° downward spiral on Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster's drop make the drop better or worse than a 90° twist or something else? Because I've heard a lot of different views on how the drop sucks with the spiral. If you haven't ridden either it doesn't matter, just say what...
  5. Johnny

    The Simpsons or Futurama?

    I was wondering whether anyone prefers Futurama to The Simpsons, because I don't know many people that do, except my sister. She thinks that Futurama has more funny lines. As for me, I prefer The Simpsons, just because each episode is really different always funny! The Simpsons Movie...
  6. Johnny

    X or Tatsu?

    Another of my "which would you rather ride?" polls. This one I don't think is that stupid. Which of these would you rather ride if you could ride ONE. (If you hadn't been on either) X or Tatsu? My friend thinks Tatsu, because of the pretzel loop and because it's longer, which it's not...
  7. Johnny

    Alpengeist or Montu?

    Which is/looks better?