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  1. madhjsp


    I'm sure there are more than a few redditors on here. Got any favorite subreddits? I've only just recently joined the 21st century & started using the site, so I'm sure there's lots I haven't discovered yet. A few of my favorites so far are r/whoadude, r/cringe, and r/cfb. Fire away if...
  2. madhjsp

    Schwarzkopf box track

    Just as the age of the multi-looping steel coaster was still in its infancy, Schwarzkopf built two custom loopers in 1978 with box-style track, highly reminiscent of the style Intamin would later adopt. Mind Bender at Six Flags over Georgia: Shock Wave at Six Flags over Texas: This...
  3. madhjsp

    5 Theme Parks Where Childhood Goes to Die

    Saw this today on These aren't amusement parks in the sense that you would find rides & games there, but it's still amusement-industry related so I thought I'd put this up for you all to check out...
  4. madhjsp

    Board games

    How many board game fans have we got here? I actually really enjoy most board games. I'd rather play a board game with a group of friends than most video games, with a handful of exceptions. I'll play pretty much anything, but my favorites are Scrabble, The Settlers of Catan, Stratego, Clue...
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    This surprised me, but according to RCDB, a coaster with this element hasn't been built since Afterburn in 1999! In fact, other than Montu and Goudurix, the only other coasters that have or had them are Arrow custom loopers built between 1980 and 1991.* Link...
  6. madhjsp

    Best Morgan hypercoaster?

    I've only ridden Steel Force and found it to be pretty meh. It was way less forceful than I had anticipated, and the airtime was only so-so. So my vote, based solely on having seen POVs of the rest, goes to Steel Dragon 2000. A couple of massive drops, fast helices on the turnaround, and (what...
  7. madhjsp

    Do you watch NFL?

    This question is mostly directed towards our European members, but anyone can feel free to answer. I know a fair number of people here in the US that watch Premier League and Champions League, but how many of you who are sports fans in Europe watch American football? When I stream NFL games...
  8. madhjsp

    Best B&M invert wheel covers

    B&M inverts have had some pretty sweet custom wheel covers over the years. Which are your top 5 favorite ones? For me: 1) Dragon Challenge/Dueling Dragons 2) Katun 3) Phaethon - I know I've seen a better picture of them somewhere, but I was having trouble finding it. 4) Montu 5)...
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    I personally haven't, but am not against trying it at some point. I did try salvia this week though, which was the first time I've smoked anything other than tobacco. I had a pretty ridiculous trip so I'm not sure I'd want to try that again. I know weed's nothing like that though, so I'll most...
  10. madhjsp

    LIM vs LSM

    I searched and couldn't find a topic for this, so I apologize if someone's already posed this question. Simply, what are the relative practical advantages of one type of electromagnetic launch over the other? I'm not a physics whiz by any means, but I've read enough to understand the basic...
  11. madhjsp

    Theme parks on Google maps

    When I get bored, one of the many things I like to do to waste time on the internet is use Google maps to look at theme parks from an aerial view. Sometimes it's just fun to imagine being there, and sometimes it gives me a better understanding of how the park is actually laid out and how the...
  12. madhjsp

    Best launch coaster ride ops?

    I was just watching some coaster videos on Youtube and came across this video showing Flight of Fear's launch. Sounds like the ride op was having a fun time here :) Point is, I've always thought it'd be most fun to work a launched coaster, because I feel like there are all sorts of things you...
  13. madhjsp

    Real-life basis for original RCT rides?

    I haven't played the game in forever, but I've always been curious as to what the real-life counterparts of some of the RCT coasters were. Some of them are obvious: Steel Corkscrew is based on Arrow loopers, and Wooden Twister is based on GCI woodies, for example, but there are a few that...
  14. madhjsp

    New coaster for SFMM!

    How did we miss the construction updates on this one? The article doesn't list a manufacturer, but this sounds like a Togo creation to me. Source:America's Finest News Source
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    Swine Flu = Draanks

    SOURCE Purell cocktails anyone? :--D
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    This is sickening

    LINK Maybe it's just because I'm a huge Tennessee Titans fan and Steve McNair was my favorite player when I was a kid, but I think this is just incredibly disturbing. Having skeletons around in gruesome poses for a Halloween event is one thing, it's expected. But deliberately having them...
  17. madhjsp

    USF kicker falls 35 feet from skyride

    LINK Why in the world did he hang on that long? Anyway, he's probably lucky not to be dead after a fall from that height.
  18. madhjsp

    BGE - Big Bad Wolf closing?

    There was also something mentioned later in the post about BGE opening a new country in the area formerly occupied by Drachen Fire and currently occupied by BBW. Obviously this isn't the most reputable source, but I was wondering if anyone else on here has heard anything to back this up?