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    (Family) Suspended Coaster @ Slagharen

    🤦‍♂️ why are these people in the world?
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    Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster

    Tall people couldnt fully close the restraint because the legs are to long. With this design it is more comfy and safe for them.
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    WDW Magic Kingdom | Tron Lightcycle Power Run | Vekoma Motorbike Coaster

    The trains are heavy. It is full of special parts. By the Disney design standard everything is more over designed. Also all the electronics makes the train heavy.
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    When you look closer to the can see a door...its a container for the vekoma installation supervisor, with tools etc. That they used while installing the coaster.
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    It also could be for one of the many fantawild parks according to RCDB.
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    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+

    Yes it is official. If you doubt it...just send a PM to the account or email Vekoma. 🤷‍♂️
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    POV time! Click here! Dont know how to display it in the message?
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    Guys...I was looking at patent scope and saw the patents for FLY I think. For the restraint: Source for the restraint For the locking of the rotation device: Source for the rotation device What are your thoughts about it?
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    You mean about how smooth the SLC is? 😜
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    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    Vekoma did the drive and break parts of Wildfire. Only they used Velocity Magnetics breaks instead of the standard (for Vekoma) IntraSys breaks.
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    When I look closer at the picture I see the wheel bogies in mine train style. So i think the mine train is also coming to site very soon! :D
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Pawel...when I look at it...I know for sure it is the Shockwave launch and run up the hill, with the loop perpindacular to the station and the break run. What is custom about it then?
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    SFMM | West Coast Racers | Premier Quad Launch Möbius Sky Rocket

    Uuhhh nooo i didn't. Battlestar Galactica is also a dueling (racing) launched coaster...?
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    Chance Rides track spotted heading to East Coast of USA: Where could it be going?

    when you look carefully the flags that are attached to the track are American and Qatarees (Qatar) . Sooo I think there is a good chance that it is on the boat to Qatar!
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    I still feel a second, full stretch launch is coming through the cuved columns/standings. Beginning at the lift , turning into flying position and launched on the fly across Rookburg into some kind of a top hat and returning into the organised spaghetti mess of track. At least...I hope for...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    This means double launch coaster?!! :D:rolleyes:
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    Efteling Expansion Attempt + Family Launch Coaster

    Well I think that Looopings is not reliable enough. It could be anything...a Gerstlauer Pegasus/Mack Slinky Dog concept/ Vekoma Mine train a la Big Grizzly?? Who knows... I hope for a g
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    Wildlands Family Zoo Emmen | Tweestryd | Vekoma Dueling Family Boomerang

    They have new lapbars now! Kinda T-lapbars. And for the record....They are designed and tested for and by a person that is over 2.00 meters. Soo dont complain about these. Those old ones are crap for large/long people.
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    Efteling Expansion Attempt + Family Launch Coaster

    Im hoping for a vekoma mine train a la Big Grizzly (Disney HK Resort) would fit with the mining theme of the Baron. Edit: Tokyo is ofcourse HK.
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    Dollywood | Wildwood Grove | New Kids Area for 2019

    Its a Vekoma SFC450 (Orkanen clone). Very nice addition to the line up!