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    The TV we watch...

    Just saw the newest episode of Harley Quinn. The show as a whole is witty and irreverent, with characters I didn't know existed like the Queen of Fables and Kite man. i will say there is lots of blood in episode 1 and 7 and you'll never see the Three Little Pigs the same way again.
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    Favorite Sandwich?

    Preztel Bacon King from Burger King.
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    Actually, I found it on youtube just now. I didn't know I got scooped.
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    Official Trailer For Rookburgh Credit to Phantasialand
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    OMGoodness!!!! Will the RCT3 thrill lift finally become a reality?
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    Your Defunct Roller Coaster List

    High Speed Thill coaster-Knoebels
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    USAirtime - Day 11/12: Chicago & SFGaM

    The Haunted Mansion isn't on the wristband because they don' want teens riding it so much they get bored, get off mid ride, and vandalize it. Giant Flume was bought from a defunct park, that's why it's longer.
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    Hutch's Roller Coaster Road Trip - Final Part: S**t Flags Great Adventure

    I'd be glad to show you around Knoebels Matt N. Best family park in America!
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Last Cred Review

    Kosmo's Kurves doesn't mess around; that baby has ejector! Flying Turns second half has nice laterals and disoriented me. Black Diamond is a tamer version of the Haunted Mansion.
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    Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park | Guangzhou | Theme Park

    Mmmmph!!!!! That looks amazing. Where did I put my tissues?
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    Favorite Sandwich?

    Wisconsin Brick Cheese and turkey breast.
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    Accident at Lightwater Valley

    What history?
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    Have you had a surgery in your life?

    During my recovery from my back surgery, I lost a tooth. As I was asleep when I lost it, I swallowed it. This was in august, well flash forward to December, we get a call from the hospital saying we were looking at your x-rays and saw a tooth in your lung. I stayed overnight and they took it out...
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    Have you had a surgery in your life?

    Three for my eyes, one for a torn meniscus, one for scoliosis, and one to get a tooth out of my lung. Last one is a weird story, so feel free to ask what happened.
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    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    The Golden Nugget Mine Ride
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    Haunted Mansion Howl

    I have always been curious about the howl coming from the Haunted Mansion at Knoebels. You can hear it at the beginning of this video: I don't know they used for the sound as I have never heard anything like it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    World's Tallest (Freestanding) Gyro Drop Tower and Slingshot for I-Drive Orlando

    Nobody is a lost cause unless they're a deranged psycho or a terrorist. Now on topic, i'm going to try this next time i'm in Florida.
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    2nd Gen Reverchon Spinning Wild Mice

    Have made a Planet Coaster recreation of this: