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  1. elmerfudd

    Alton Towers n00b Questions ;)

    Hey People, Im off to Alton Towers on the 16th, and with you guys knowing your stuff, do you knoww if the crowds will be absolutly rammed, reasonable or completly dead? Im guessing not the latter but any commentss would be appricated, thankyou =)
  2. elmerfudd

    RCT2 Mummy Recreation

    I need your help people! Im trying to make a revenge of the mummy remake on rct2, but, i did have an amazing sphinx figure, it was quite tall and dark, but i had to redo my whole computer. Im just wondering if anybody knows of any parks that have custom egyption theming, preferably with a...
  3. elmerfudd

    Stealth Rope

    Hey people, This has probably been asked before but i cant find it, however i do apologise if this question is already in exsistance. Just got back from Thorpe today, I've noticed it before but never botherd to ask. Whats the Bungee rope/rope on stealth all about? It like starts at the tophat...
  4. elmerfudd


    This might come across as a completly stupid question, but its been bugging me for a while. What are the nets for on certain rides? Are they simply decorative or are they actually there for a reason? Rush has them: Incredible hulk has one (Very bottom of the picture): And weirdly...
  5. elmerfudd

    8 Cars

    This has probably been asked before, but im trying to track merge, and I have read the tutorial on this website, but whenever I try it 8 cars cant respond to it and then ends up closing 8 cars on its own. Anybody know what im doing wrong?
  6. elmerfudd

    Amazing adventures of spiderman.

    Right guys, i recently went on Spiderman at IOA, and i absolutly loved that like, song/theme music they play during the actual ride. Does any body know what im talking about? You can hear it really clearly as soon as the ride starts and you are in the street part. Well i was just wondering if...
  7. elmerfudd

    8 cars

    Right guys, i know there is a fourum about hacking etc, but i have decided to give RCT2 another go but i want to cheat =P, and i downloaded 8cars but it doesnt seem to be working on my laptop properly. I start up rollercoaster tycoon, minimise it, get up 8 cars and when i click rollercoaster...
  8. elmerfudd

    American Pie Dance Off

    Watched it last night, and i was just wondering if anybody knows anywhere where you can actually download the whole remix. Instead of just downloading each inparticular song. Cheers
  9. elmerfudd

    Test Track

    Sorry if this is abit of a lame topic, but I recently went on test track and quite liked it, but I was just wondering, who designed and built it.. Was it actually disney? , and what launch/propulsion system is used?
  10. elmerfudd


    Hey guys, im sorry if i have posted this in the wrong fourum or whatever, but i was just wondering, is it a good idea to go florida in Early march? (7th-21st) I know its hard to say but by past experiances has the weather been good at these times of the year, and are there longer or shorter...