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  1. Swoosh

    Worlds of Fun | Nordic Chaser | Mack Sea Storm

    Worlds of Fun will announce their New for 2018 addition on August 16 with the rest of the Cedar Fair parks. The leading rumor is that it will be another 1-2 refurbished flat rides.
  2. Swoosh

    Six Flags St. Louis | Typhoon Twister | ProSlide Wave/Bowl Combo

    A drill was spotted near the Tornado water slide in Hurricane Harbor this week. The park has been rumored to be receiving a clone of the watercoaster that went into Fiesta Texas this year. The new slide is rumored to be taking of the place of the body slides tower next to Tornado
  3. Swoosh

    Silver Dollar City | Time Traveler | Mack Looping Launched Spinner

    Silver Dollar City's "New for 2018" rollercoaster now has footers. I would post a link to show you the photos but the forum won't let me.