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  1. danielfitzgerald99

    Thorpe Park

    I went to Thorpe Park on Tuesday. It wasn't to bad considering it is July. This was probably down to the rain. Highlights include ridicously unhealthy food. Wearing glittery pink cowboys hats and everyone taking their shirts of on the rapids for a photo to the disgust (not at me, obviously) of...
  2. danielfitzgerald99

    The Political Topic

    This forum should have somewhere to discuss politics. Especially considering the state of affairs this country is in at the moment. I don't mean somewhere for people to go on rants about how they would run England or America or wherever if they were in power. I just mean actual current...
  3. danielfitzgerald99

    21st Century Breakdown

    I know I said I would stop doing this and for the most part I have been true to my word. However this is a long awaited album from a relatively mainstream band so most people will have some sort of opinion. The new Greenday album seems to be splitting opions so I want to know what everyone...
  4. danielfitzgerald99

    Anal orgies with Czeckoslovakian midgets!

    I had what was probably the best trip to Thorpe Park I have had yesterday. I went along with John91, Cripollo and another friend. We got picked up at about 8am and stopped for breakfast at Mcdonalds before driving to the park, arriving at about 10. We headed to Saw first but upon seeing the...
  5. danielfitzgerald99

    That's What She Said!

    This is an immature game that my friends and I play. I am pretty sure other people do as well. Basically you have to wait until the best moment to use the phrase "That's what she said!" The more obscure the moment the better it is. Anyway the object of this version is too go and find...
  6. danielfitzgerald99

    I'd rather have a bowl of...

    Alright, so everyone has a favourite. What is your favourite breakfast cereal. I know I don't have them all here but I have mentioned the ones worth notifying. I am a massive cereal fan and could quite happily live off a 100% diet of it. My favourite is a currently Crunchy Nut. Those...
  7. danielfitzgerald99

    Heroes Season 3

    The series will premier in the UK on 25th September 08 at 9:00 on BBC2. Begin speculating plots and out comes for season 3 here and discuss it when it starts. It is a full length season this time not a half size one like the last was.
  8. danielfitzgerald99


    Ok, so this comes up about once a year or something but it is an intresting agrument. Do you believe in God. Let's see how this one goes until it gets overflowed with spam and locked.
  9. danielfitzgerald99

    Rush Or Vortex

    I think the title pretty much explains it. Which do you think is better. I think I actually like Vortex more. It has a longer program and is more intense. The sensation of it is beautiful as well.
  10. danielfitzgerald99

    Best Pets

    Have you had a pet? Have you had multiple pets? Which did you like best or which would you like?
  11. danielfitzgerald99

    Roller Coaster TV Programs and News Articles!

    It seems that television programs about rides are always being found on youtube and I think there should be a topic here to post them all in. It makes more sense than posting in the youtube topic because those are videos about anything. Please post any documentarys/news reports etc in here in...
  12. danielfitzgerald99

    Tea Vs Coffee

    It is really hard to decide because coffee has that really addictive quality but at the end of the day sometimes you just want a cup of tea.
  13. danielfitzgerald99

    Marylin Manson

    Do you like him or do you hate him? As a Christian people might surprised that I am saying this but I agree with a lot of what he says. Religion is an evil thing that man created and everything that is considered sinful is everything that defines humanity. I believe in God but I dont believe in...