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  1. CoasterCrazy

    Salou and the States 2016 - Part 4: Mad Cred Dash at Great Adventure (Finally)

    Since my last foreign cred was all the way back in 2014 (what a drought), my family and I decided to splash out a bit and visit a park which had been on my bucket list for a very long time - PortAventura! We also managed to slot in a cheeky New York Trip as well (spoilers). Safe to say, it was...
  2. CoasterCrazy

    Flamingoland Tips and Tricks

    Hi everyone, I'll be visiting Flamingoland for the first time late September, and was just wondering about a few things before I go... - Is there ANY chance of getting ANY discounts, or are they practically nonexistent? - What will the queues be like? Sunday, end of season...? - What would be...
  3. CoasterCrazy

    Mini Italy Tour- Mirabilandia and Gardaland - August 2014

    Anyone who reads the Q&A forums will know that I, very recently, took a little trip to Italy to visit two of the most acclaimed parks in Italy...OK, I'll just cut to the chase. Day one - Luna park and Smile park Having seen countless reviews and videos of this park, I was so hyped for...
  4. CoasterCrazy

    Tips and Tricks for Mirabilandia, Italy

    I'll be visiting this much-acclaimed Italian park very soon, and was just wondering if there exist any things I especially need to know, to maximise my time at the park. These include: - Inexorably, queue times in general. How do they influence the 'running order'? -Speaking of an order, which...
  5. CoasterCrazy

    Berjaya Times Square and KL Culture Photo and Video TR

    Over the Christmas holidays, I was fortunate enough to trael to Malaysia, with a quick stop-off at Kuala Lumpur for a little culture...and a Christmas cred! Just to summarise KL, as a city, it has slightly more dilapidated areas, but is overall a very pleasant place. The layout itself is a...
  6. CoasterCrazy

    Tips and Tricks for Berjaya Times Square, KL

    I realise I'm inquiring to a very select group who have actually visited the park, but since I'm visiting Kuala Lumpur for a few days as part of my holiday, it was the natural decision to plan a visit to Berjaya Times Square theme park (formerly Cosmo's World). Obviously, I've never been to the...
  7. CoasterCrazy

    CoasterCrazy's NL Development Thread - Bodacious

    Hello all! I've been playing rct3 for a long while, but after being enlightened to Nolimits by CF and youtube and my desire to create more realistic coasters, I finally bought Nolimits and decided to start with something moderately easy to learn the I've almost completed a classic -...
  8. CoasterCrazy

    Austrian Alpine Coasters and Sommerodelnbahns

    I couldn't do any major foreign parks this year, but instead, I was lucky to be staying at fairly close proximity to four 'creds' in some of the world's most qwerky and unique Alpine coasters. Before I start, here is a little background on these rare of which I rode earlier...
  9. CoasterCrazy

    Innovative coaster models that never 'hit the big time'

    In an era where the theme park industry is prolific worldwide, the 'staple of the amusement park', the roller coasters of course, are getting bigger, faster, safer and increasingly crazy. We've seen some absurd concepts be realised over the years, and as competition augments, there is increased...
  10. CoasterCrazy

    Lucky Flitzer - Austrian Alpine coaster, Flachau

    Coaster or not, I just felt that this credit is so obscure and relatively unique that it's worth sharing with everyone, in addition to possibly resulting in a few more video views :--D Firstly, before anyone posts any inevitably despicable comments, the ride is not as exciting, fast or...
  11. CoasterCrazy

    Surplus track piece in Raptor's queline

    Upon visiting Gardaland in 2011 (Raptor's opening year), I noticed this in the queue line and believe it has subsequently been removed: Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks in advance.
  12. CoasterCrazy

    CoasterCrazy's Florida 2012 "Coaster Pilgrimage"

    Featuring Coasters, construction, Turtles, "Tropical Depressions" and more! So...I am of course aware of the abundance of trip reports of Florida...however, this forum varies profusely from the norm! Camera will go anywhere! Nooks, crannies, netting... Unprecedented Sheikra...
  13. CoasterCrazy

    Batman and Robin: The chiller to be relocated

    After being removed from the prominent theme park Six Flags Great adventure in 2007, the Premier Duelling LIM shuttle loop coaster has all but faded out of existence... ....until now! Found this on rcdb earlier today: For those not familiar with Beto Carrero world, this fairly well known park...
  14. CoasterCrazy

    CoasterCrazy's rct3 development thread - What's Next?

    Another copycat topic but still... Fellow CF'ers, I present to you: So, this forum is designed so that you can view, comment, criticise and complement my rct3 creations. I am open to any scrutinization which anyone might have and will gladly recieve it, as it should improve my creations in...
  15. CoasterCrazy

    Boulder Dash VS Voyage

    Right, OK, I haven't done one of these for quite a while, but now its... Boulder Dash VS Voyage Two of the best wooden coasters on the planet battle it out for coaster supremacy. Has the timeless, classic woodie Boulder Dash finally met its match?I sometimes wonder if these two even need an...
  16. CoasterCrazy

    Coney Island Cyclone to be retracked by GCI

    Looks like the famous, iconic wooden Cyclone is to be retracked by GCI: So what do you think? Happy? Please reply!
  17. CoasterCrazy

    Drayton Manor's single - train coasters

    Has it ever occured to you that ALL of Drayton's coasters have a single train? Shockwave (when I went in summer 2011) - 1 Train, station and brake run could easily accomodate two! G - Force - 1 Train (Brake run and switch track could easily accomodate two!) Buffalo Coaster - 1 Train (because it...
  18. CoasterCrazy

    World's longest woodie coming to Ocean Kingdom, China 2013?

    After a little bit of browsing on rcdb, I came across this... So perhaps we have the world's longest woodie coming to China in 2013! :--D Or do we? Here's the picture... Now that's big... Probably nobody will be familiar with this park, as it's new for 2012/13. All we know so far (In terms...
  19. CoasterCrazy

    Millennium Flyers or Timberliners?

    There are lots of wooden coaster manufacturers...but in recent years, to companies have really stood out..GCI and the Gravity group. One of the largest factors that really sets these two apart is the trains they use (mainly)...but which is best? Great Coasters International - Millennium Flyers...
  20. CoasterCrazy

    CoasterCrazy's K'nex coaster competition!

    Ok, this is my first please bear with me if it isn't amazing.... :wink: Calling all K'nex coaster builders! There seems to be a large amount of CFers that have built K'nex coasters at home, and since there's rct3 competitions...then why not K'nex competitions?? The task: As...