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  1. Furiustobaco

    What’s your favorite rollercoaster by Intamin?

    Maverick for me, currently my #2.
  2. Furiustobaco

    Will we ever see another huge 4D Coaster?

    Even with the flying model though B&M basically just polished a concept that Vekoma already tried.. Sure Air did things better but it wasn't a completely original idea. Dive Machines when boiled down is just a standard coaster with a steep drop, i wouldn't really call that too outside the box...
  3. Furiustobaco

    Golden Ticket Awards 2019 Winners

    Whizzer isn't top 50 by any means.. Fun coaster but honestly its nothing to write home about.. Raging Bull too? That coaster is B&M mediocrity at its finest, not a bad ride but top 50?
  4. Furiustobaco

    Golden Ticket Awards 2019 Winners

    I agree with Europa being best park, other than that the GTA's are a joke.
  5. Furiustobaco

    What is your favourite drop tower?

    Detonator gave me a fear of drop towers but ever since i started riding other ones i have realised Detonator is actually worse than rides 3 times its height! Detonator literally makes even the Intamin drop towers look like a kiddie ride in comparison, nothing beats the sheer intensity of that...
  6. Furiustobaco

    Chessington World Of Adventures Submits Plans For Drop Tower

    I'm pretty happy about this, i think its about time that area gets something. I honestly see a coaster coming to Chessington before Thorpe tbh, i think Thorpe right now is probably the least profitable park in the Merlin chain (at least in the UK) and their recent investments scream that Merlin...
  7. Furiustobaco

    Lightwater Valley Big Ride Coming Soon?

    Mumbo and Velocity look good, and Kumali looks OK. Valley have Ultimate and thats kind of it. Ultimate is also said to be very brutal and flawed at that, everything else at LWV is just kinda there, nothing really special, Raptor looks like fun but nothing to shout about. Mingo might have poorer...
  8. Furiustobaco

    Lightwater Valley Big Ride Coming Soon?

    I honestly don't think Lightwater Valley are in any position to add anything large at the moment, it just doesn't make financial sense. If you look at what works for non merlin parks at the moment you'll realise that big thrill additions really just aren't worth it, the most successful additions...
  9. Furiustobaco

    Is RMC Raptor a bust?

    I honestly see Six Flags building more of these in the future.. They don't seem to cost much and are quite versatile, the throughput is bad but Great Adventure has 5 B&M's to soak up crowds so i think they'll be okay.
  10. Furiustobaco

    Is RMC Raptor a bust?

    I think its way too early to decide whether the model is a success or a failure yet. It only debuted last year, these things might sell like hot cakes for all we know in the next 5 years! Look at B&M dives, debuted in 1998 and it took ages for that model to take off. I think RMC are also pretty...
  11. Furiustobaco

    Six Flags park announced in Saudi Arabia

    I heard this will located next to their new stadium that shows live lapidation to anybody who isn't a straight male! This coaster looks like the perfect execution method! They should of thrown in a drop track and a 200mph backwards launch for extra measure!
  12. Furiustobaco

    Favourite coaster drop?

    Millennium Force or Vengeance for me. Millennium's drop seems to last forever but Steel Vengeance gives stupid airtime on the drop. A few honourable mentions go to Goliath (SFGAM), Shambhala, Wodan, New Texas Giant, Big One.
  13. Furiustobaco

    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor

    Probably just another Larson Loop tbh
  14. Furiustobaco

    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    Silver Dollar City becomes more appealing with every investment
  15. Furiustobaco

    Kumali's second train?

    Honestly not looking forward to going to Flamingo if the ops are that bad. I actually swore off Portaventura due to the incredibly awful ops as of recent so if Flamingo is the same i will get the credits and run as fast i can to the exit. Operations are a huge thing for me hence why i love...
  16. Furiustobaco

    Rank Your Visited Six Flags Parks

    1. Six Flags Over Texas: Not as big as Great America but i thought it was much more charming and scenic. The staff and guest clientele were very friendly and overall i found the park to be just a nice place to be. New Texas Giant and Mr Freeze are also really good, Titan isn't the best but its...
  17. Furiustobaco

    Best non-Nemesis UK Coaster

    Here's mine, gonna include defunct rides: PS: Haven't ridden Icon yet, probably would be #2 1. Wild Mouse: Probably even more intense than Nemesis, this thing was relentless. So sad its gone. 2. Wickerman: Fun GCI 3: Smiler: Intense and long 4: Nemesis Inferno: Fun invert 5: Stealth: Launch.
  18. Furiustobaco

    Most rerideable coasters?

    I'm gonna get burned alive for this, but i honestly wouldn't mind riding a freespin all day. Every cycle is different and the ride could give very tame to brutally extreme cycles, every ride would be different from each other. I found myself wanting to re-ride Joker at Great America a lot! Blue...
  19. Furiustobaco

    Overrated and Underrated Roller Coasters

    I have to admit i hate the B&M vest restraints, i preferred Corkscrew over Valravn because of those bulky things. Swarm just has no force, i would take Corkscrew over it too, its not a bad ride but i like intensity and a bit of freedom when i ride rides and Swarm just doesn't excite me at all...
  20. Furiustobaco

    Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

    Nemesis Inferno: Underated Invert IMO. In the back row it can be fun and forceful. Raptor and Nemesis are better but its still great fun. Stealth: Great Launch, way better than Red Force due to forceful and smooth launch. Swarm: Theming. Actual ride is kinda meh. Saw: Ouch. Indoor section...