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    Have you ever had a rollback?

    No, except for a Boomerang coaster :lol:
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    Most annoying thing at a park.

    Employers who ask me to buy some cotton candy ten times a day every time I use the lane.
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    What scale ?

    I don't really like compact coasters except for some inverted terrain coasters such as Nemesis. Most of compact coasters are small and slow with fancy inversions.
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    Best board game

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    UK's Best Red Coaster?

    Rita is not red. Rita is purple-red. Different shade. :roll:
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    Favourite UK Park

    The best park is my favourite park and this is likely not going to change. Alton Towers of course. That would be difficult to find a park in Europe that has 4 B&Ms + 1 Intamin and only 1 Vekoma. Usually it's the reverse.
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    Which is the UK's best flat ride?

    Det is not included but since drop towers do not count I voted a tosser named Rush. :) The only bad thing about this ride is a short cycle and I know there's a limit.
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    STEALTH (rate the name)

    'The Edge' would be much more worse in my opinion.
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    Sexuality V
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    STEALTH (rate the name)

    ^ Yes, I knew that.
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    Top 25 Most Played

    Play count. M$ you spy. :) Hopefully my player does not log things like that.
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    Sexuality V

    Quoted for truth :) [Double-posted for truth as well, clearly... - Rob ]
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    Sexuality V

    Quoted for truth :)
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    Sexuality V

    Apparently, You haven't ridden a good coaster yet. :roll:
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    Sexuality V

    Answered for the record. Heterosexual
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    STEALTH (rate the name)

    Do you like the name that has been chosen for the Thorpe's rocket coaster? The name is not that bad, it could be better but there's a lot of far worse names. Does it match with theming? No. 6/10, average but I know some people don't like Stealth.
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    You know you're CF-ing it too much when...

    When you post in this topic.
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    "Now Showing"

    So do I. The FD movies are the best modern horror movies. The second part is pretty unpredictable, not like the first one. Better plot and some kind of scary atmosphere. I usually watch horror movies at night when everyone is sleeping around in the neighbourhood. :) I guess I own all 3 Final...
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    Sexiest famous women!

    chances: 0%, both sides ;) I know some CFers who beat her ten times over.
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    How many coasters have you been on over 200 ft.?

    Two/Three, Silver Star and Stealth. Colossos is 196 feet, (200ft if ridden with hands in the air), does it count?