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  1. Ploddish

    Theme Park Social Enginering

    I guess this is me wondering how much emotional manipulation goes into big theme parks, and seeing as I don't actually know, this is basically a platform for someone more knowledgeable to write some intelligent posts detailing it. I'm talking about the fact that parks put bigger attractions at...
  2. Ploddish

    After Dark returns to Oakwood!

    ...if only for 2 days a week. Oakwood just responded to a comment on their Facebook wall with: I asked them further on the Twitters as to whether the fireworks would be returning, and whether they could spill the beans on anything else :P Link! So, for those of you (me now included...
  3. Ploddish

    Holiday World owner Will Koch dies, 48

    Just saw this on the Gravity Group's facebook page: I'm pretty gutted about the news - only a few weeks ago I was watching youtube videos about Holiday World installing Timberliner trains on the Voyage. He was so happy and completely...
  4. Ploddish

    Ctrl + V

    And next in the line of utterly pointless games, post what you currently have in your clipboard. ... re=related May come up with some interesting things :P
  5. Ploddish

    Which makes you jump heigher??? :D

    Watch this and DO NOT read the rest of the post. close the door, and turn up your sound *best viewed at night* Did this make you jump?