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  1. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Cedar Point Dorms

    Hi! I recently got hired for the 2019 season at cedar point. I live a fair distance away so I will have to get employee housing. To anyone with experience living there or knowing of anyone who did.; which employee housing option do you recommend and why
  2. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters

    Maverick, closely followed by Storm Rummer. Maverick is just relentless, very forceful and intense. The launch on Storm runner is great and the inversions are unique an fun. They're both so much better with the new restraints.
  3. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Best coasters you don't want to ride that much? (not ridden yet)

    Fury 325: I could be wrong, but it just seems really overhyped. It's a giga; cool, what else. I was underwhelmed with Millenium Force and Fury doesn't seem like too much of an improvement. Btw the only giga I'm really excited to ride is Intimidator 305 because of the sheer intensity of the ride.
  4. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Your favourite old-style amusement park

    Kennywood for sure! I love the classic vibe the park has.
  5. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Geauga Lake/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

    The biggest theory was after six flags filed for bankruptcy and sold the park to cedar fair, cedar fair was looking to a reason to shut down the park. The idea is they didn't want Geauga Lake taking business away from Cedar Point so they slowly started to shut it down.
  6. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    It has to be Apollo for me because I have a soft spot for coasters that use their terrain well.
  7. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast v. Sky Rocket 2 Model (Tempesto)

    I think both of these coasters are excellent launch coasters. Premier rides did a great job with both. My question to you is which coaster do you prefer. I would have to give the edge to Mr Freeze because of the intense backward launch and i cant get enough of that inverted top hat.
  8. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Nostalgic Love for not very good rides?

    Boss at Six Flags St. Louis. it's rough, it's painful, and the layout needs work, but I cant help but love it. I got a massive migraine after marathoning this one.It's probably because the rest of the park isn't great either. I have a soft spot for Boss. RMC PLEASE ANYONE?
  9. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2018- Steel Vengeance That's it, but I'm going to Kennywood this summer to ride Steel Curtain
  10. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    What was your first coaster with an inversion?

    My first one was Corkscrew at Cedar Point
  11. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Your favourite defunct roller coaster

    That's a shame, I haven't been in that area since Wildwater Kingdom closed :(
  12. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I disagree but, I see where you're coming from.
  13. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Maybe by GP but not by entheusiasts
  14. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    What is your favorite Arrow Custom looper, operating or defunct?

    It's not very fast-paced, but it has nice scenery and I absolutely love the interlocking loops!
  15. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    oops, made a mistake there lol
  16. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    What is your top 10 to do list?

    Wasn't tall enough. I was a pretty short kid :(
  17. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Boomerangs are fun! I know they're common, but I havent been on one that's given me a bad ride. Sure, They're not amazing by any means but they are overly criticized.
  18. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Your favourite defunct roller coaster

    Big Dipper at Geauga Lake: It's still standing and rotting away. This was one of my first coasters and I wish I could get one last ride in.
  19. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    What is your favorite Arrow Custom looper, operating or defunct?

    I've had bad experiences on many of these but Loch Ness Monster at BGW is a fairly smooth and pleasant arrow looper. What was your favorite one.
  20. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    What parks do you have zero desire to revisit?

    Six Flags St. Louis: Mr. Freeze was the only worthwhile coaster there and it has a clone. I'm never going back unlis RMC Boss happens