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  1. Ploddish

    Carnival Cruise Line to add first roller coaster at sea

    I feel sorry for all the database programs that assume a given cred was always in one place at one time :(
  2. Ploddish

    Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

    Yeah I'm with you, Ian. Ordinarily I'd go for Icon + Band, but for £8? Why not. So I'll go for Icon + Avalanche + Band.
  3. Ploddish

    Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

    Yes please to all of the above.
  4. Ploddish

    CF Lives 2018

    I'd love to do Poland but I can't go this year for work reasons. I'd absolutely join if it happened next year though!
  5. Ploddish

    Theme park moments that gave you goosebumps

    Two from Disneyland Shanghai: Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure - realising just why the roof of the building was so tall. Also y'know, that bit after it. The queueline reveal of the TRON coaster was also super cool. Elsewhere, we somehow discovered I Corsari in Gardaland...
  6. Ploddish

    “THE SW8 IS OVER!” Alton Towers, Sat 17 March

    Yup, that's us out. No point spending a bunch of money on a maybe. Anyone up for a trip in a few weekends? ;)
  7. Ploddish

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    Is that bunting on the side of the tunnel? Nice to see they've decorated appropriately for whatever ritual this is supposed to be.
  8. Ploddish

    “THE SW8 IS OVER!” Alton Towers, Sat 17 March

    Alright, I'll be there with a flatmate in tow.
  9. Ploddish

    “THE SW8 IS OVER!” Alton Towers, Sat 17 March

    I'm quite keen to go too, but need to sort out a way of getting there.
  10. Ploddish

    Liseberg | Valkyria | B&M Dive Coaster

    Interesting - I got quite a bit of airtime from Valravn. Nothing exceptional, but I thought it was quite present. It's probably why it's now probably my fave dive coaster.
  11. Ploddish

    Giant Wheel Park of Suzhou To Close.

    I recall it was something like being trapped in a blender full of marbles. Interesting, but not good. RIP. I hope I never have to ride it again.
  12. Ploddish

    Have You Ever "Done a Griswald"?

    You did! I couldn't be arsed :p
  13. Ploddish

    Have You Ever "Done a Griswald"?

    We drove an hour to Hamburger Dom for the Easter fair only to remember it was Easter friday, and so everything would be closed. Whoops.
  14. Ploddish

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Nah m8 it's Dragon Mountain.
  15. Ploddish

    CF Lives 2018

    I'm very pro Denmark - and I've wanted to get to Hansa for the longest time, so I'd be doing an add-on similar to what Sue suggests if possible.
  16. Ploddish

    CF-Live Dates 2016

    Pretty sure I can get to all of these, work permitting.
  17. Ploddish

    Accident at Alton Towers

    Re: The Smiler Has 2 Trains Crash Into Each Other [edit] Ninja'd by Sue
  18. Ploddish

    Storytelling attractions

    Yeah, exactly. The theme of ToT is mystery, so the addition of extra elements that only observant people notice fits perfectly within the narrative - and the fact that it's optional lets the person who observes it become part of the story without having to explicitly tell them that.