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    Do you get fast passes?

    Do you ever purchase fast pass or do you endure 2 hour long lines to get on a ride? I've never purchased a fast pass before but if I visit Walibi in the summer, I might have to get it for untamed!
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    Parks that staple you and parks that let you go loose

    I was in Six Flags New England last year and I'm aware of the incident that happened a few years ago on Superman, but I've never had restraints pushed so hard upon me like that in any park before. I even got winded on Harley Quinn Spinsanity with the restraint pushed down. I feel a slight sense...
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    How much involvement does a parks engineering team have for design?

    I'm just wondering when a park gets a new coaster, how much of their own engineering team would be involved and in what capacity their involvement would be?