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    The Big One's First Drop?

    The first drop was reprofiled after it's first season because the twist was too sharp and was putting huge strain on the track and trains. The track was made to twist higher up the drop, reducing the speed at which the train made the turn. If you look closely you can see the slight difference...
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    Stealth - Maintenance track

    Yes, but i'd have to email them to you if that would be ok with you?
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    Indoor Vekomas

    It is indeed a Vekoma coaster, the wheels and their assemblies gave it away.
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    An accident averted

    Because they're idiots? Strangely enough, their procedure for evac is unload from front to back, why they didn't, noone knows.
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    Have Height Restrictions Increased in the Past Few Years?

    No I'm not, only you can read this......
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    what type of engineering for roller coasters?

    I don't mean to sound negative but I became less of an enthusiast the more I became an Engineer. When you maintain rides, you spend less time appreciating them, more time swearing at them. That still doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, there's nothing I'd rather be doing.
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    what type of engineering for roller coasters?

    The specific qualifications you would need depend on what you want to do, but generally speaking you need to start small and work your way up from there. I am a Mechanical Engineer and for the moment, that qualifies me, along with my experience, to maintain and inspect rides. When it comes to...
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    An accident averted

    According to the incident report, the train started to move due to the weight shift as Hix said, but what the video doesn't show clearly is one of the staff members wearing a harness secured himself to the train.... he jumped into one of the empty seats as it started to move.
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    Have Height Restrictions Increased in the Past Few Years?

    All ride manufacturers specify a range of height, weight and in some cases, chest size restrictions based on what the ride is designed for. Individual controllers (person or organisation responsible for a ride) can impose a stricter restrition as a result of their own risk assesments. Although...
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    Break in period?

    Yes and no, all new rides get a long initial testing period before they can open to the public. However, these tests are done at full weight capacity etc to stress the ride to its limits. It is a time when a ride shows its true colours and if anything is going to fail, then that is when it...
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    mumbo jumbo

    No it doesn't, it opens on time every day, or I should say I hand it over on time ready for the operators. As for how its running, it hasnt been down for any significant ammount of time since it opened. It still has niggly little problems occasionally.
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    Speed Of Colossus at Thorpe park

    Tis 50mph
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    Stealth..3 trains - why?!

    One train on Stealth is worth roughly £4 million. A compete set of 24 running wheels will set you back 60 grand. Theres nerely 8 tonns of precision machined steel components, evey single one is made to order using the latest in CNC cutting technology......... Having said that though, if...
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    What is this thing?!

    When the antistatic strip gets damaged or snaps off, the wheels glow bright blue at night, makes a lovely crackling noise too. Inferno could do with one too, I've lost count how many times i've gotten a shock off that thing.
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    "Mumbo Jumbo" - S&S El Loco for Flamingo Land

    How the hell did you know that? Anyway, the only people who have ridden it are staff and a couple of radio and tv presenters (didnt catch their names, too busy running the ride) I don't recall anyone approaching me and asking for a "quick go" so if anyone other than staff have been on then...
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    B and M vs Intamin

    Not necesarily, B&M didnt have a method of launching a coaster. IOA came up with the idea of how to launch it, B&M sorted everything else out and contracted General Electric? to come and install it. B&M didn't outright refuse to do it.
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    B and M vs Intamin

    I don't think you've quite go twhat I meant. B&M are not the overly cautious, no we won't do that company enthusiasts seem to believe. It is all down to what the park wants and how much they are willing to spend, B&M will do anything for you. B&M design everything layout wise to exactly...
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    B and M vs Intamin

    Thats down to what the park wants.
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    Thunder Looper vs Rita

    To be honest, I can't make up my mind which gave a better experience. But as for stats, don't believe anything RCDB says outright. Rita is faster than advertised, it takes just under 1 second to hit 60mph. So when it comes to technology, the system that intamin buy is far more powerful and...