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  1. WelcomeToOblivion

    Halloween times in Florida (Day One: IoA and Universal up)

    Despite staying up as late as possible the first night in America my excitement and hunger for IHOP woke me up at 5:30am. We left for IHOP about 6, which was opposite the hotel <3 yay for convenient International Drive <3 There was no one in the restaurant except for 2 other Brits who were sat...
  2. WelcomeToOblivion

    Leeds Festival 2011 :D [Photo report]

    I was woken up on Thursday morning by my dad who had just been informed that my brother had been scammed when buying his Leeds tickets. (chortles. Use a proper site silly brother) Anywho, he really wanted to see MCR, so my dad asked me to find out if they were selling any Saturday tickets. I...
  3. WelcomeToOblivion

    Toverland- Odysseus Project 2012?

    Apparently a Mack Super Splash is maybe being built at Toverland for the 2012 season. Similar to Atlantica at Europa Park. I'm not sure how old this news is, but I can't seem to find anything about it on here, only really found any information on and but I...
  4. WelcomeToOblivion

    Would you rather have toddler hair, be bald or be ginger?

    Well? (for Ian ;))
  5. WelcomeToOblivion

    Just chillin' at Alton for my birthday.

    Day One After having been out the night before, with Mark and Ollie (and Imaginary AJ of course <3)   (Snoozing babes.) and having had very little sleep, an incredibly tired group of coaster geeks ventured out into Chester town center to catch a train to Uttoxeter, in order to get a bus...
  6. WelcomeToOblivion

    Merlin announce no more free parking for Annual Pass holders

    This is at any Merlin attraction, along with other perks taken away Will this affect whether you buy/renew next year? I think I'll still get one, what with not needing to park and with being relatively close to Alton Towers and visiting the...
  7. WelcomeToOblivion

    Sainsbury's Perfect Christmas

    I don't know if I told you all about my mum's waterslide incident in Portugal, but as a result of a waterpark visit she's now stuck in her house, in a wheel chair with a non weight bearing cast for 8-12 weeks. Yes, she is a goon :P However, I thought it would be nice for her, if I tried to win...
  8. WelcomeToOblivion

    02-09-2010: My first Thorpe trip went a little like this...

    *kiss noise* and twist... nah, not really. We arrived at the park about 10:30 and got straight in thanks to the Cook’s Annual Passes. Lucky we didn’t have to pay as the queues were massive and packed with chavs. (as to be expected. It’s Thorpe) We decided to head off to Colossus as I wanted...
  9. WelcomeToOblivion

    What is a switchback?

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but I hear they have one or a few on the new Alton Towers ride, Thirteen/Th13teen.