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    STEALTH (rate the name)

    Do you like the name that has been chosen for the Thorpe's rocket coaster? The name is not that bad, it could be better but there's a lot of far worse names. Does it match with theming? No. 6/10, average but I know some people don't like Stealth.
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    How fast did you go?

    What's the fastest coaster you have ridden? We are talking about the coasters. It is obvious that while being on a plane you fly faster. :wink: Same about trains, cars... etc How fast did you go? If you need some coaster stats try RCDB:
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    Is Katapult @ Mirabilandia a roller coaster? For me this is a powered ride with a vertical inversion. The ride is constantly powered during the entire cycle. - no lift - no hill, not even a single one - a single inversion which is powered, not solely driven by gravity - the launch section...
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    Nemesis VS Kumali

    I keep reading good reviews about Kumali. Seems like Vekoma has taken their SLCs to the next level. Well, lets see what are the opinions on this matter.
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    Nemesis VS Black Mamba

    Two world's class leading terrain B&M inverted coasters. The legend of Alton Towers against the newest Phantasialand's toy. Which one looks better? Please state if you have ridden both coasters, one or neither.
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    Fave type of coaster? (II)

    The second edition of another popular poll that I was running last year. I like airtime machines the most, either B&M floating speed coasters and Intamin ejectors. I love the launch so rocket coasters are my second fave ones and then B&M inverted coasters. in this order actually 1...
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    Do you like Colossus' in-line twist?

    I have heard some people don't like this element whereas this is my favourite part of the ride. The rest is either slow or rough, the first drop is weak. What else can be good about Colossos if not a series of in-line twists. What's your opinion?
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    What do you think is more exciting? (speed OR height)

    I like both, speed and height but if I couldn't make a choice I wouldn't make the poll. Sheer of height (Silver Star) is exciting but if not airtime I wouldn't like this coaster that much. If you are afraid of height, open spaces and still enjoy challenging your fears you'll probably always...
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    Revolution or Magnum XL?

    This is not about which coaster is better. Both way differ each other. This is about which one is more legendary? I know it is down to opinions so I think this may be an interesting poll.
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    Two different Kingda Ka concepts.

    Kingda Ka had to have 2 airtime hills. The plans were changed to a single airtime hill concept.
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    Stealth VS Rita

    Two major Intamin accelerators in the UK. Which one of these rockets is better. Please vote only if you rode both coasters. This is very important to give unbiased ratings. Feel free to comment no matter whether you have ridden Stealth/Rita or not.
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    Assume Rita can be replaced with a different accelerator.

    If it was possible to replace Rita with a different accelerator and there are no height restrictions of any kind. What would you do? * assume that Stealth for TP won't be created.
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    Last Coaster Trip?

    The season is over for me. Lack of funds to make a big trip like Port Aventura. I don't visit small fairs/parks and Disney doesn't catch my interest due to lack of huge intense coasters and thrill rides and is over priced. In next a couple of days most of parks end the 2005 season. In other...
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    Which of these nasty park/queue habits is the worst?

    Assume you can solve the one and only queue problem. Which would it be?
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    Have you ever ridden a mega coaster?

    Sounds like a "whats the tallest you have gone" topic but is not. Jubilee Odyssey is about 170 feet tall coaster while this is not a mega coaster. The main purpose of this topic is a poll. I though it would be fun to see the final result of the poll and eventually discuss of what is so special...
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    Do you take your shoes off while riding inverts/flyers?

    I have noticed that a lot of people are riding without shoes no matter of age. Here's a question.
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    Do you lock restraints yourself?

    It is a kind of random pool. I'm curious to see the final vote result.
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    Do you use the front ride que lines?

    Most of us probably prefer to have a seat in the front. The only disadvantage is that it requires additional waiting time to get a front seat. I prefer front seats, especially on inverts but usually don't bother to wait more unless the q is really, really short. I remember I stuck in the...
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    Leaving a ride just before the start.

    Have you seen something like that? I did. There was a guy, who called the ride operators to unlock the restraints just before the start because he decided not to ride. The crowd reacted by chanting. It was so pathetic. There was a lot of peer pressure that probably caused him shame. I was...
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    Do you scream while riding a roller coaster?

    I was always wondering and I still do. What makes you scream while riding a roller coaster?