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    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    I think I managed 13 or so on Taron during ERT. Miss ERT at Phanny so much...
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    Is it only me who doesn’t get the Halloween/scare attraction hype?

    Ahh fun- some of my favourite scare attractions have been at Tulleys! Such an awesome collection of actors, each doing something different to the other. Love it- well done.
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    Phanny ERT

    Thanks so much for your replies- sorry for the delay, I didn’t get any notifications you had replied!!! Sucky that they’re not offering ERT, we’ve been twice (Matamba and Ling Bao), mostly because the ERT was so bloody epic, v sad it’s not being offered anymore. Weep.
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    Phanny ERT

    Hallo lovelies. We’re heading to Phantasialand for the Queens Jubilee weekend (2-5 June). Does anyone know if they’re still offering hotel guests ERT? We’re booked in to Hotel Charles Lindberg for a couple of nights and it would be a super mega bonus. Ta.
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    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Thoroughly enjoying this trip report! Also wanted to reiterate what others have said about the knob on the plane on your way out to Barcelona... What a total twat, hope it didn't impact your trip too much! Some people are awful.
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Of course, we've been to Brühler Wirtshaus am Schloss (near the Castle) a couple of times, it's a nice local place where you can get a really good value meal.
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    UK Scare Attractions Reports

    us too... usually such a good effect!! :(
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    We'll only manage to use two days of the park tickets unfortunately due to flight times etc... Matamba doesn't include dinner but we often head to a local spot for dinner when visiting Phantasialand so being obliged to eat two evening meals plus breakfast in the HCL restaurant may get a bit...
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Bit of a topic bump here... my husband and I are considering booking a couple nights at Hotel Charles Lindberg- it's racking up at 739 euros for two nights incl dinner, park tickets etc.. vs 452 euros (excluding park tickets) at Matamba. Is it really worth it!? Thaaaanks!
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    Strongest theming on a mega/hyper, giga or strata coaster?

    Votes for Shambhala, Hyperion and Red Force from me!
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    Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

    When it comes to Alton I would often skip Smiler because the last few rides I had on it were so rough and I get stapled by the end. However I recently visited Towers with my sister who for some weird reason loves the Smiler, so I went on with her and it was actually great and potentially the...
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    Your Favorite Flat Ride?

    YESSSS Tikal is fabby. I bloody love Danters Air, oh and I have a huge soft spot for Vortex at Thorpe/any KMG afterburners. Special shout out to Mystery Castle too.
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    Theme park soundtracks that get stuck in your head

    Special shout out to the BANGERS at Energylandia. Plus stuff like the Joris en de Draak tune.. that's brutal if you're queueing too long.
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    Scare attractions & Halloween events Autumn 2021

    Just a couple for me this year- Thorpe in mid October and Tully's Farm the week after. Hopefully that'll do the trick!
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    Too tall to ride?

    If it helps my husband is 6ft 5 and he's only been measured a couple of times, Spinball Whizzer (Alton) and Fenix (Toverland). Just stand in a slouchy way when you're being measured, being an inch above the maximum isn't going to lead to injury.