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    Knotts Berry Farm | Coast Rider | Mack Wild Mouse

    I think the new/renovated portion of the Boardwalk looks very good. Sure, none of the new rides are amazing or thrilling, though the atmosphere looks very nice. My only complaint is the lack of shade. Also, the new Boardwalk rides attract a lot more children to the Boardwalk than before.
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    Knotts Berry Farm | Coast Rider | Mack Wild Mouse

    Here are a few pictures from the opening day of the new Boardwalk rides last Saturday:
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    Floppy arm

    I occasionally get it but after 30 seconds, it goes back to normal.
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    What the original Epcot a big deal at the time?

    EPCOT was world known back then and still is to this day. EPCOT was the first time Disney ever built 2 parks in one property and it was well ahead of its time and still is today.
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    What Parks do you know like the back of your hand?

    -California's Great America -Six Flags Discovery Kingdom -Six Flags Magic Mountain -Legoland California -Knott's Berry Farm -Cedar Point -Kings Island I know both Cedar Point & Kings Island well, but never visited either one.
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    Which park do you think is the best

    Alton Towers seems to be the nicest of the three.
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    10 Oldest Coasters. How many have you ridden?

    I rode the Giant Dipper (SCBB). If you count it or not, I'm riding the Giant Dipper in Belmont Park this summer.
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    Best place for theme park enthusiasts?

    SoCal. Orlando is great, but SoCal has AFFORDABLE parks like SFMM & KBF.
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    What's your favourite inversion?

    My top 3 inversions: 1: Zero-G Roll 2: Corkscrew 3: Loop
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    Best Overall Year

    2001 had some major additions including this website: Titan Expedition GeForce Nitro Wildfire Talon Dodonpa Colossos
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    Coasters that need a re-paint

    Cyclone & Thunderbolt in Six Flags New England definitely needs a re-paint.
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach |Wallace & Gromit Thrill-o-Matic

    Re: Wallace & Gromit Confirmed For Pleasure Beach Isn't Wallace & Gromit forgotten? I live in the US, so I don't know about the popularity of it in the UK. Though, PBB really needs a nice, new coaster.
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    Revolution Makeover

    The new colors are OK. They're a bit boring. I would've liked if they had a darker shade of color for the track and supports.
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    My handful of coaster questions...

    I doubt the Crypt makes you sick. The WindSeeker is NOT taller than Intimidator 305. WindSeeker - 301', Intimidator 305 - 305'
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    Hersheypark |"Skyrush"| Intamin Mega

    Wow! This makes Hersheypark seem even more cramped: