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    Deno's Wonder Wheel Park | Phoenix | Suspended coaster | 2021

    I was impressed by how knowledgeable the owner was and how they'd done their research. Shame you couldn't hear everything he was saying due to the mask and all the background construction noise! Looks like a great project for them anyway. I really need to get back to Coney Island sometime as...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    That's for a more comprehensive (and reliable) PCR test though - these will no doubt be the lateral flow tests which you can get for free from the NHS in this country.
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    YAY Merlin!

    I wouldn't expect much change from that - the 10-4 days in June/July will be midweek during school term dates so crowd levels are always low those days. By the looks of it they're opening every day during the week in term time which is better than many years in the recent past when they have...
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    Flamingo Land | Unknown | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2021

    Maybe this coaster is cursed to never operate anywhere? It's approaching ten years since it was manufactured and still it hasn't operated! :oops:
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    New (temporary, hired) flat rides for Alton Towers

    As a Stoke resident I can assure you it's not that exciting here! 😆 This is a strange move and the rides may well look a bit sh*t but I'm not totally against it - I hope they're using this to test the water to see how much demand there is for flat rides before making an investment in...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    As long as only 6 of you attend and it's outside then I think you're good to go :D Happy that restrictions are being eased mid-April as I have a UK holiday booked for the end of that month. The big date I'll be keeping an eye on is May 17th though - I'll be fully vaccinated by then and if other...
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    Weirdest ride supports

    This has amazed me - all the times I've been to BPB and I don't think I've ever been down this path below the Dipper. Definitely walking down here next time I visit! :)
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    LWV confirm removal of several rides

    The announcement does state they are opening 5 or 6 new rides, so they must have some money, be that from selling off the other rides or otherwise. It would be a shame to see The Ultimate go and Raptor Attack was pretty good, but otherwise there was nothing at all at the park to make it stand...
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    Forbidden Journey or Gringotts: Battle of the Harry Potter dark rides

    Yes I do, as it is definitely a ride that uses coaster track - just not a very thrilling one!
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    Forbidden Journey or Gringotts: Battle of the Harry Potter dark rides

    Same as you @Matt N I preferred Gringotts. It's definitely not a coaster, very much a dark ride on a coaster track but I loved the immersion from beginning to end and felt the screen-based elements were very well done, and it made it feel like you were in a side plot from the movie. Forbidden...
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    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2020 Edition

    I've ridden 7/25 (all of which are in my personal Top 10) but that number would have been at least 13 were it not for the bloody virus! Fingers crossed I can get some of those next year. Thanks for compiling the list, always interesting reading. I reckon @Pokemaniac is spot on - Velocicoaster...
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    Deno's Wonder Wheel Park | Phoenix | Suspended coaster | 2021

    Didn't look that closely at the concept art to be honest!
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    Deno's Wonder Wheel Park | Phoenix | Suspended coaster | 2021

    Could be an S&S Family Invert like the one at Dutch Wonderland maybe? They look quite similar to the Vekoma SFCs. Good addition anyway!
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    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    Funnily enough my most surprising airtime experience was also on a Schwarzkopf looper - Mindbender at SFOG. I'd already had one ride on the back row and got some airtime going down the drops, but I then had a front row ride and got a little pop of ejector going up one of the hills! Did not...