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    Coasters you really like that aren’t particularly intense

    Gold Rusher and Verbolten are my guilty pleasures. Even the Matterhorn is enjoyable for the memories it brings. I love em all except for SLC's and boomerangs. ^^ I love me some Space Mountain, too.
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    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    "Twisted Goliath Collosus Iron and Timber Revenge"
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    Why does Arbys get so much hate

    It's kinda like a hot pocket. I've never met someone who ate a hot pocket and said 30 minutes later, "that was a good idea"
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    Auschwitz and Energylandia?

    Sorry about that...Yes, what was a 3 week roller coaster trip has turned into an 8 month, round the world roller coaster and sight seeing extravaganza. Postponed until Spring of 2023, or until the travel restrictions are a bit more predictable. About 10 weeks in Europe, is what me and my son are...
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    Auschwitz and Energylandia?

    I think it was Gdansk to some little town just down the road. Seeing that it's going to be 2023 ish now, I didn't re-look it up. But yeah. First trip to Europe, I just want to see and experience all of it. What was about 3 weeks originally is now about 8 months give or take.
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    Auschwitz and Energylandia?

    Our plan was Legendia/EL/then Auschwitz- and make our way to Kolmarden via flying or the longish ferry. The thought was to be as respectful as possible, and let it all soak in with a built in travel day following. Who knows what we'll end up doing though.
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    Theme Parks that Havent Received a coaster in Years

    Every park within 500 miles of me.
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    Do you ever regret becoming a theme park enthusiast? Are there cons to this hobby?

    For me, I love everything about it. The up time, down time, travel time, planning time, riding time...even waiting in line some of the time. That feeling of putting everything in the locker and it's go time. It just can't be beat in my view, anyways.
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    Rides at Buffalo Bill's Casino closed until further notice

    Crazy enough, Desperado was my first hyper and hooked me for life.
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    No Limits 2 Pro RMC treatment on Boulder Dash

    Blasphemy, I know. Had to post this one, popped up on my feed and it's too good to not share.
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    Do B&M hypers produce actual negative g-forces?

    Raging Bull gets a lot of hate, but that first drop in the back seat is worth the drive to Chicago. 13 hours give or take.
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    Which EU Coaster Has The Most Airtime?

    Now I can just go on and on? Thanks Hixee! All of those except for Alpina Blitz and Piraten were on my radar. This is exactly what I was hoping for, and it's kind of fun.
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    Which EU Coaster Has The Most Airtime?

    You guys mind if we derail from the topic a little? For someone who's coming out there and is an airtime whore - For the sake of planning the perfect trip, in Europe...what are the can't miss rides for airtime excluding the obvious ones? Or ones I might have missed? (El Toro sisters, Untamed...
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    Music Recommendations

    Perfect opportunity for a 2 topic answer! My wife and I did an Orlando trip around 2002 ish...I bought Steel Pulse True Democracy before I left, hearing one of the singles on the indy station, and I liked how it stuck with me. So we go through all the stuff, go out of our way to get super baked...
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    Do you have any theme park guilty pleasures?

    Soft spots for Octopus, Paratrooper, Round-up, and Snappers. Gold Rusher at SFMM, and Verbolten at BGW. Old school fun houses. Funnel Cake!! Paying 8.50 for a 1.00 coke. Staying on property. Sometimes using the whole day to lounge around in Max A/C in the on site property. Leg burn from...