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    Hong Kong Disneyland expansion 2018-2023

    I've had a look around the internet but can't find any real start/end dates for this castle upgrade. I don't suppose anyone here (Gavin?) has any inkling? I'll be going in September and of course really hoping for the castle upgrade to be finished by then. I guess if it's not, at least it gives...
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    Tokyo Disneysea 21/05/18

    Hi, long time no post. Thought I'd share my day at Disneysea with you all, took some pretty cool photos if I may say so myself! Before I went, I knew that both Tower Of Terror and Journey would be closed throughout the whole of May. Seems odd that a park would close their two main rides at the...
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    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    Definitely reminds me of some sort of Viking Runic alphabet. Will be interesting to see if anyone can translate it!
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    Accident at Alton Towers

    I think Furie has hit the nail on the head overall. It's the job of management to ensure all staff are fully trained and working correctly. However, that's where a question of conduct vs capability comes into play. Is the person at fault capable of doing the job you've set them? If they haven't...
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    Accident at Alton Towers

    From my experience of working as an operator at a Merlin Park, every single ride that I trained on had a section on when the ride could and couldn't run in the COSWP, including wind speeds. Even on rides that could run in any wind, it would specify that, so I find it highly unlikely that it...
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    PortAventura PTR

    So I just got back from a week away in sunny Salou, home of PortAventura. I was in the park for at least an hour or two every day bar one, so I won't give a usual 'report', but just a review type thing. First off, PortAventura is amazingly themed. Seriously, each area is almost at Disney level...
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    B&M's current MCBR positioning

    ^Yeah I've just read back now, didn't realise the conversation on Gatekeeper went that far back, and you said to take around 80% of the theoretical throughput, so fair point there. Pretty similar to what I said. But it also says that Cedar Point use a turnstyle system to count which to me seems...
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    B&M's current MCBR positioning

    I just wanna sorta back up what D1993 is saying from my experiences across the pond from Gatekeeper. I worked at Thorpe Park, and although I didn't specifically work on The Swarm, I of course talked to people who did. The theoretical maximum capacity outlined by B&M was somewhere around 1200 if...
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    Sunny Day guarantee at Darien Lake

    Yeah I'm guessing it changed over the 2012/2013 closed season, I remember a few rainy days working there during Fright Nights 2012 and don't remember any return tickets, but remember at the start of the 2013 season that we were giving out the tickets when it was snowing pretty bad. Chessington...
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    Sunny Day guarantee at Darien Lake

    I know that Thorpe Park offers something similar for more than 60 minutes of rain. I'm sure that other Merlin parks at least have something similar. The Thorpe Park one is not for any day of the year though, only for a specific week, which can mean that you see those days, especially if it's a...
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    What is working at an amusement park like?

    I never had piss, but I did have a 'code brown' once. I'm sure you can guess what that was. A lot of downtime that day.
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    What is working at an amusement park like?

    Edit - Double posted, silly internet lag.
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    What is working at an amusement park like?

    ^Pretty much sums it up. You will get abuse, you will get angry guests and you will get complaints, probably many of them. But on the flip side, you also get so many people who enjoy themselves, so many people who interact with you and want to talk to you, ask you questions and are just...
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    Thorpe Park | Angry Birds | 4D Cinema/area retheme

    The only place I can think of is opposite the Fish & Chips shop, where the big floaty ball things are, and a couple of other games stalls. I've done a really bad edit to show where I think it'd be. It doesn't seem it from the path, but there's actually a lot of space behind those games that...
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    Woman Falls From The Texas Giant To Her Death

    What I imagine going on in the station is that a ride attendant had to push down on the restraint to try and fit her in (Which happens on all rollercoasters in every park in the world when you get someone who is larger, you try and fit them in first), and then it secured somehow, whether that's...