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    No Limits Sim. Problem. Please Help!

    Hi I was doing the full version of no limits on my laptop (I discovered it works on ubuntu) and I changed the resolution and put it in window mode. I quit it but now when I open it it says "Error While Setting Display mode Can't Switch To 1200x600x16, Please Set Mode Manually!" Anyone know...
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    Thorpe Parks New Horror Walk Through!!!

    Saw ALIVE- Now suposively open (looks like it on the web site as the have already have reviews... What does every one think about it???
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    What Parks do you know like the back of your hand?

    Mainly Thorpe, Chessie and Lego L, as I live fairly near them and went every fortnight when I had a pass
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    I need your input for a project!

    I have only recently joined, but I can already see how closely knitted the community on CF is. I am realy enjoying it and hoping to go to a CFLive in the near future!
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    Most intense ride you've ever been on

    Mine has to be the first time I ever went on Stealth, TP, my neck buckled!!!
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    Most Scared You've Ever Been

    Slightly embarrasing, but the first time I went on Corkscrew at AT I was pretty scared, it was my first inverter
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    Rumourcoasters and general mischief...

    I heard a rumor that Alton was getting a suspended, I'm not sure if it is true or not
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    'Blacking/Whiting' out on a coaster

    When it gets a bit more serious, eg. blacking out, it is often called G-Loc, or Gi-Loc, G inforced lack of conciousness. I know a person who passed out on Goliath's final helix.
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    Break before launch

    Thanks, When I am building my coaster, I always put it in shuttle mode
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    Break before launch

    I can never get my train to stop before the launch on my coasters, please can someone help me!
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    Chessington apply for planning permission for redevelopment

    They should change the theme of Beano Land altogether
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    Most Disappointing Ride

    I have to say, I was slightly dissapointed with SAW, at Thorpe Park. I mean, it's supposed to be scary!!!
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    Project XCar

    Working on launched X Car with new element, non inverting cobra roll! I will upload pics. soon, adding supports...
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    Stupid things the GP have said

    The way people say X:/ No Way Out is pitch black!!!
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    Favourite Front Row Ride?

    Colossus, nice heartlines...