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    Best Ride Music ... re=related Hollywood Dream the ride Universal Studios Japan Get Lucky!!!! by Becky & Greeeen aka Gucky Similar to the Hollywood coaster at Universal Orlando, you have a choice of songs for your ride. Everytime i rode everyone regardless of age or...
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    Mitch Hawker 2010 Poll ?

    Does anyone know if the Mitch Hawker Coaster Polls are being conducted in 2010? Its usually conducted in November, yet i dont see any mention of it as yet. Am i correct in remembering a couple people here help work on it?
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    :? Son Of Beast. Special mention to The Mind Eraser at Darien Lake, ridden yesterday. Awful even by SLC standards.
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    "Green Lantern" B&M Stand Up for SFGAdv

    I rode GASM on my recent visit, only as it was closing down soon. I felt i had wasted my time to get knocked around. It was easily my least enjoyable ride of the day. I don't like coasters being demolished (SOB would be an exception) but Chang will make one of the best coaster parks on the...
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    "Dixieland Doozy" | Jul 5-10 2010 | Trip Reports

    Yes, I'll be around. As briefly mentioned at the park, I check coaster sites daily for news etc. when i'm back home. Like to keep myself informed & ready for the next vacation of coaster tripping. Got a good pic of ECG & me on I-305. But i have to work out how to post it here. Think i need to...
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    "Dixieland Doozy" | Jul 5-10 2010 | Trip Reports

    Hi guys Good meeting ECG & others at Kings Dominion & it looks like you were at Hershey Park the same day as us too Tuesday. I forgot you guys were there then, as we had planned on being at Knoebels Tuesday but the weather changed our plans (off there tomorrow). My mate thought he saw a...