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    Your year in review - 2020 edition

    Coaster Count at the start of 2020: 138 Coaster Count at the end of 2020: 139 [emoji17] Best new coaster of 2020: By Default, Hero at Flamingo Land [emoji23] one of the worst coasters I have ever experienced. Sums up this year really, so it's fitting. New parks visited: 0 Parks visited: 2...
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    Favourite ride types to build in Planet Coaster?

    For me it's either the Vector (Mack Launch/Mega coaster) or the S.L.V (Schwarzkopf Looper) as they give you plenty of options to use when coaster building and Mack/Intamin multi-launch coasters are my favoured type of coaster helps Although it is hard to make smooth transitions with the...
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    Great report! I hope that Alton Towers keeps this event in future years. I know how you feel with cancelled trips, I was also going to poland, but that got cancelled, then Denmark, then that had to be cancelled, if my Blackpool mini break doesn't work out then I'm done. It's good that you...
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    Djurs Sommerland | Unknown | Mack Powered Coaster | 2022

    Well ... Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Working in retail it is frustrating, as you're right, it is impossible to police. We ask people to wear masks in store, if they don't have one we ask if they're exempt, however if people want to disrespect the rules they are free to do so as we have not been given the authority to refuse entry...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I swear I have been to Asda on three occasions and had to run home to get one. Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    Your Favourite Artists/Bands

    Who are you favourite musical artists? which album of their is you're favourite? What is it about their music that you like? I mostly listen to rock music, so most of my favourites are in that genre, but I also listen to Hip Hop/rap, pop and symphonic music. It's difficult for me to really...
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    What are your favourite non-coaster attractions?

    1: Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom 2: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios 3: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Islands of Adventure 4: Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - Islands of Adventure 5: Chiapas - Phantasialand 6: Dudley Doo Right's Ripsaw Falls 7...
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    Alton Towers 3rd September 2020

    Great Trip Report! It's a real shame that wickerman was shut, Duel, dispite it's flaws I have always loved it. Discounting Valhalla it's my favourite dark ride in the UK. I'd be pretty miffed if I had to wait 45 minutes for thirteen, but I suppose you have to make the most out of the situation...
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    What is the Best Log Flume?

    They just don't have the same charm to me. I know it's a credit an all, but in most cases I'd take a good log flume over a standard water coaster. Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    What is the Best Log Flume?

    I feel as if most of the big parks are more likely to invest in water coaster or a rapids ride rather tha a log flume sadly, however a few new parks have opened with new log Fumes such as Warner Bros world in UEA. In the UK they're sadly becoming a dying breed. Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    What is the Best Log Flume?

    Apologies if there is already a thread for this, but I couldn't find one when I searched. What is/are your favourite log flume and why? For me it's Splash Mountain at WDW, nothing compares to the warm feelings of nostalgia on this ride, every detail of this ride is excuted perfectly, from the...
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    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    Steel Vengeance Lightning Rod Helix El Toro Voyage Taron Wildfire (Kolmarden?) Outlaw Run Skyrush X2 Not been on most of them, but I imagine, Skyrush will hurt my thighs as I am a tall gent, Steel Vengeance may not be comfortable to, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as many...
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    "Now Showing"

    Tenet - re-review Sorry to bump the thread, but after watching tenet again, I do like it more than my first viewing, the plot for one makes alot more sense and the action and visuals just seemed better. I still have issues with it, such as the editing, sound design and some of the dialogue...
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    "Now Showing"

    With the cinemas being reopened in the UK I have finally seen a few new films. No spoilers/spoiler free reviews Unhinged It's what you hoped a chase thriller starting Russell Crowe to be like, his character "Tom" is a "not so lean", but mean, killing machine. Story wise it's nothing new, but...