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    Adventure Island (Qatar) | Dragonfire | Premier Rides LSM Coaster | ???

    Pretty sure the hashtags just refer to the year of the world cup. That's obviously when they want this and the other projects finished, but it might very well open earlier.
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    Phantasialand Season Pass hotel advantages?

    They had 2 different promotions in the last years: 1. Come in April or May, return in the whole summer season except for July or August. 2. Come in July or August, return in July or August. So with the exception of June, September and October you'll always get a free ticket that you could use...
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    Phantasialand Season Pass hotel advantages?

    With the buy 1 get 1 free promotion they run pretty much all year long, you'd get four days for half the price of a season pass. After they dropped the hotel discount, the season pass is only worth it for locals imo, if at all.
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    IP-themed rides that you'd like to see happen

    Yeah, a Pokemon dark ride á la Maus au Chocolate where you throw Pokeballs to complete your Pokedex would be amazing. At the end of your first ride you get a code (maybe a card with a qr code) that you can enter during each re-ride to continue filling your Pokedex. This could also be paired...