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    Is this a B&M ball?

    I have seen photos of them on Fury, but i have not seen it in operation or even on the transfer track. Ill keep my eyes open and try to snap a photo next time I'm there.
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    Are we ever going to see a dual-tracked RMC?

    Id doubt it. Alan seems to be very strict with how he designs his rides, so id assume he would want to have them all be the single track style. Possibly if we see a more intense and aggresssive one, it could be very hard to relaibly and safely have it be a single track. I think once we see...
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    Unknown | Flamingo Land | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster (possible Hopi Hari relocation)

    Someone i have talked to who his dad has links to Flamingo Land said that a Tourbillon was at elast considered, so im not sure if theyd do such a small ride in such a big space, but keep your eyes up.
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    Mirabilandia | Desmo Race | Maurer Spike Dragster

    I agree, but how i see it is that all of the motors are in the cars. You go from one launch or like one lift for each side to having a decent sized motor in every car, which id assume its not a small motor, itll have enough horsepower to be able to move this most likely very heavy car and 2...
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    Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters

    For me it is Maverick as the best. Intense, fun, airtime packed, long and has one of my favorite drops on a coaster. Taron also looks really fun as a fast paced ride with a lot of great elements and the theming looks fantastic. Taiga might be the best, not sure though, depends how fast it is.
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    Mirabilandia | Desmo Race | Maurer Spike Dragster

    Time Traveller was 25 million. This looks to bea large new land, a prototype ride and a fairly large ride in that, or at least it has a complex coaster car. Thats probably what makes projects like these to be very expensive.
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Ive done Iron Rattler, NTG, SV, Lrod and Storm Chaser and NTG is barey top 50, Twitim is barely top 40, Irat isnt even top 40 for me, I did Stormie with the slow wheels and have it in my top twenty and I have Lrod as my number one and SV as my number two. I love some good ejector, but other than...
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    Orlando Size Restrictions/Restraints

    I know my grandpa is tall, and he was unable to do flight of passage because of how tall he is. Id assume there arent any issues with GG's trains acceptaing larger people, those trains have a giant lap bar that is designed so that it can fit a large variety of people. Same deal id assume for Rip...
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    Best floorless

    1. Dominator Intense, long and crazy fun. Low turn and cobra roll are both super intense. Great sense of speed. 2. Superman: Krypton Coaster Don't get the hype. It's fun, it has some good intensity but I found part of it forgettable and generic. Fun drop and cool terrain tho. 3. Bizarro Solid...
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    Freizeitpark Plohn | Dynamite | Mack BigDipper

    Looks almost like Mack's take on a more traditional lift hill looper. Looks cool! That loop looks like it ocould be great.
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    "Now Showing"

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a really weird, fun and in depth interactive movie on Netflix. It has the usual Black Mirror stuff this time, but the thing that modern technology has caused is questioning choice and conciousness. It's a really fun and insane movie, along with the interactive...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    I know a few of my milestones. 1-Top Cat's Taxi Jam at KI 100-Maverick 150-Carolina Cobra at Carowinds 200-Skyrush 250-White Lightning I adore Skyrush, White Lightning and Maverick, Carolina Cobra is a solid boomerang and Top Cat is, well, a kiddie coaster.
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    Hyperion vs Lech Coaster

    IMO Lech Coaster looks better. I prefer more compact, intense layouts with a lot of intensity for the most part and I do think that Lech's theming also makes it better, and that amaziing flyby people never talk about. I do think that Hyperion is a great ride still, it looks to have some good...
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    Strange undeveloped coaster concepts

    The two halves of the zero g roll looks like the only thing that would be even close to the current controlled 4D's. The drop looks too small to be nearly as thrilling as those either.
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    Currently waiting for my Disney trip.

    Currently waiting for my Disney trip.