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    Roller coaster moments that defy physics

    The 2nd half of Voyage. Where does all that speed come from after the MCBR? It's obviously from the sloping terrain, but they hide it well with the tunnels such that it still seems like it shouldn't be able to pick up as much speed as it does.
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    Aesthetics : Experience (Ratios)

    +1 Mean Streak and Son of Beast were the immediate examples that came to my mind when I read the OP. Both were such gorgeous sculptural masses of timber frame magnificence, but they tracked like trash. Traditional wood tracked coasters just shouldn't go that fast. They tend to rip themselves...
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    What is the best US state for coasters?

    Yeah, those would be the top 4, IMO. other states possibly worthy of an honorable mention: Virginia Texas New Jersey Missouri
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    What would the Great America parks look like if they stayed under Marriott

    This is a very difficult question to answer considering the fact that Marriott exited the theme park business nearly 40 years ago now. It's really hard to say what direction they would've gone in had they kept those parks all this time. I'd like to think that they would've kept more of the...
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    Best of the 6 Disney/Universal Orlando parks?

    Maybe throw in the SWO and BGT next time to make it more of a competition? As is, this poll really only has one answer for people who place an outsized level of importance on high-octane coasters.
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    Kinda hard to believe it's been nearly 4 years since the last RMC IBox track coaster opened in North America (Twisted Cyclone at SFOG back on May 25, 2018).
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    Major coasters you never knew existed?

    the twin/mobius-tracked wooden racing coaster is an interesting specimen. they were quite popular back in the golden age, with about 3 dozen of them built in the pre-war era, primarily in north america, with only two surviving examples: Kennywood's Racer and BPB's Grand National. then in 1972...
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    What is your mentality towards riding kiddie coasters?

    mostly D. I generally won't waste my time with a true kiddie coaster (wacky worms, go gators, dragon wagons, etc.). But I'm not above taking a spin on a coaster on the kiddie/family bubble that's interesting for one reason or another. rides like Meteor at Little Amerricka or its sibling...
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    Coasters that were built too early?

    i wasn't trying to sell inverts short, just pointing out how freaking good the very first one ever was/is. as a lifelong chicagoan of 46 years, i was never disappointed by the fact that my home park had to be the first to build an inverted coaster. quite the opposite. i've always considered a...
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    Coasters that were built too early?

    as a counterpoint to the "too early" coaster, i submit an "ahead of its time" coaster. this ride was the very first ever of its kind in the world. it was seen as revolutionary in coasterdom. and it put its manufacturer on the map as THE top coaster builder in the world at the time. later...
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    Most surprising coaster addition ever?

    Yeah, Ohio was THE place to be back in the summer of 2000. 2000 was a banner year for coaster construction all around the planet, but Ohio turned it up to 11 that summer! What's odd/bittersweet about it now is that MF is the only one of those five coasters that's still left in Ohio. SoB &...
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    Defunct coasters you wish you could've ridden

    For me, it would unquestionably be the Riverview Bobs. It closed, along with the rest of Riverview, after the 1967 season, and I didn't come into the world until 9 years later. but as a 6th generation Chicagoan on my maternal side, and a 5th generation Chicagoan on my paternal side, I heard...
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    Most surprising coaster addition ever?

    The construction of Dragon Mountain, a gigantic arrow multi-looper with 5,500 of track (the largest arrow coaster built up to that point and still one of the largest anywhere) at Marineland, a relatively random and unassuming aquatic life park not known for big thrill thrill rides, was pretty...
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    Niagara Amusement Park to get Cascabel from La Feria

    As a Chicagoan, I was selfishly and greedily hoping to see it get ressurected at IB to turn the place into a full-blown living Schwarzkopf museum. But this is totally cool too. I'm glad to see it's finding a new home, and at a park that could really use it to boot!
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    Goliath leaving SFNE

    Homer: "it's just a little demolished, it's still good, it's still good!" Bart: "Dad, it's gone" Homer: "I know"