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    Nagashima Spa Land | Hakugei | RMC I-Box Conversion of White Cyclone

    I'm a little sad that they've already taken down one giant helix. Part of what made the ride so iconic was just how freaking beautiful it was. I know it's going to be a much better ride experience, but still. Hopefully the structure of the other one stays mostly intact.
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    Top 5 most ridden coasters?

    I don't keep perfect track of this, but I've only visited Cedar Point, SFGAdv, and Hershey Park multiple times, so I've got a decent idea. 1.) Trail Blazer (at the age of 7, I rode it ~20 times in a row on one day because the park was empty and it was the only ride I would go on) 2.) Lightning...
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    Loudest Coasters?

    Hershey Park is the park I grew up visiting, and I always think of Great Bear's deafening roar when I think of loud coasters. They have restaurants and walkways set up right along the vertical loop and Immelman, and I think in those particular spots, you're hearing the loudest sound a roller...
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    Liseberg | Helix | Mack Megacoaster

    I've got to come out of lurking for this one. Saw the press release on the YouTubes, quickly watched the point of view, and wow. Looks incredible. Let me know if you've got a spare set of plane tickets to Sweden :P
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    worst/best sponsorship

    I remember Stride sponsoring the El Toro trains when I visited. I don't really dislike sponsorships and it doesn't really bother me, so I wouldn't really say it was a "worst", just something that existed.
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    Amusement Parks that leave you feeling dissappointed

    Knott's. The day I went Xcelerator was closed, and their park is relatively lame without it. Silver Bullet was alright, and Ghost Rider is in my top 10 wooden coasters, but after getting on and off those two rides, there really wasn't much else to do. I did get to get on Pony Express in its...
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    Most famous rollercoaster?

    I'm so very surprised nobody has mentioned this... I asked a good ten or fifteen friends to just name a coaster at random- I got either Batman or Superman from absolutely everyone. I made sure to purposely ask people from different states and friends that had moved away and stuff- it's Batman or...
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    B&M vs. Intamin

    Re: B&M vs Intamin I totally agree with what's being said already- B&M makes quality rides with nothing bad, and Intamin can be totally awful or absolutely fantastic. There's really not much to dispute as far as that goes. My preference lies with Intamin. I feel like innovation and new ideas...
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    Have you ever had a ride prediction that turned out right?

    Re: Have you ever had a ride prediction that turned out righ I got Skyrush right to some degree. I figured Hershey would be building a hyper coaster soon just because they'd pretty much covered all of the other bases. There was also nowhere there for a B&M hyper layout, so it would have to...
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    Top 5 (or 10) Stomach Dropping Coasters

    I've found that they've stopped being as entertaining because there's no adrenaline going on after you've gotten used to the ride. The most fun I've ever had on a coaster was my first time on Lightning Racer, simply because it was my first real coaster experience and I was scared silly...
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    Top 5 or 10 Wooden Coasters in the US

    I love Ghost Rider to death and think it's an awesome ride (quite honestly I was a bit freaked out when I first rode it due to its shutting down for 20 minutes after someone had a seizure while on the ride), but Phoenix. It's way too awesome to just not exist on a top 10 list. And I'd probably...
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    In a perfect world...

    Rides would always have good themes. Disney World-ish, but on bigger rides and with less PG movies. Single rider lines would be used appropriately and empty seats wouldn't happen. Food would actually be of the quality and price of restaurants outside parks. Rules would be enforced, line cutters...
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    Overrated and Underrated Roller Coasters

    Overrated- Skyrush I didn't even really enjoy that much. It had a cool moment or two, but not enough for it to really be as highly rated or standout as it is in my opinion. I only got it twice on a really hot day after waiting 60 minutes in line, though, so that may have something to do with it...
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    Fast Pass - opinions?

    Disney has it alright a lot of the time. On the higher hourly capacity rides like Test Track, Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, Space Mountain, and Expedition Everest, they work pretty near perfectly. The fast pass line has no issue merging with the regular line and has little to no effect on it due to...
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    General public opinion survey results....

    The El Toro remarks... "Is that thing made of matchsticks? Is that even safe? It looks like it could be set on fire at any moment. The actual track doesn't look very interesting." I couldn't help but laugh at that. I had no idea people really have thoughts of roller coasters as being unsafe and...