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    Worst Amusement Park Accidents

    Though no one died the Kentucky Kingdom tower ride accident sounded the most gruesome to me.
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    Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper

    Okay, so after the musings of Alan Schilke visiting Kennywood a few weeks ago, yesterday apparently a layout for a new coaster was proposed at a West Mifflin town meeting. Source: ... vealed_at/ What do you think? From the looks of the plans it...
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    Failed/dropped plans you wish happened?

    Were you hammered when you wrote this? Tatsu starts on a much higher elevation than the rapids, Kingda is on a flat parking lot. That would be nearly impossible at sfmm!
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    PortAventura | Ferrari Land | New Area

    Who wants to 9/11 this giant turd?
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    Europa Park "Project V"

    Re: Europa Park "Project V" Seeing as Animal Kingdom's Avatar Land will have have a flying theater, and Soarin's lines have been known to reach 5 hours I wouldn't put it past Didney to repeat the success!
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    Building/Destroying Anticipation

    This mostly works only on indoor rides, but not knowing a thing about what the ride will be almost always makes a ride better. This is almost impossible in the internet age, though I did avoid all information on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey before I rode it in 2011, and that made the...
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    Golden Ticket Awards 2016: Fury 325 On Top (Awards Page 2)

    Re: Golden Ticket Awards 2016: Fury 325 On Top (Awards Page No. Anything that Blobb's minions spend all their effort to sway in hid direction cannot be trusted It's literally, "Vote for THESE coasters or I BAN your ass!"
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    Golden Ticket Awards 2016: Fury 325 On Top (Awards Page 2)

    Re: Golden Ticket Awards 2016: Fury 325 On Top (Awards Page I don't trust Mitch Hawker anymore than I trust the golden tickets, his poll is rigged by Blobb Alvey and the TPR cult.
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    Music Recommendations

    Anyone here a fan of Death Grips?
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    "Now Showing"

    Re: "Now Showing" I saw Kubo the other day and loved it as well! It's an incredible work of art, with great characters and an engaging story. The scene with the Skeleton was particularly impressive! Sadly it has been doing quite poorly financially but Stop Motion movies are box office flops...
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    Golden Ticket Awards 2016: Fury 325 On Top (Awards Page 2)

    Re: Will Fury 325 Surpass MF for GTA Steel Award? Millennium force is mediocre tbh
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    How is your tolerance of roughness?

    I think I have more tolerance for roughness on wood coasters. A lot of wood coasters people seem to dislike I have found good to tolerable, like the coney island Cyclone.
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    RMC 2017

    Did the park change drastically in the last four years since I was there? I found the park to be very fun, well maintained (I specifically remember a lot of flower gardens), with unique rides. There was a lot of concrete but they made the best of what they had. I thought Phantom was top 10...
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    Coasters that exceeded expectations.

    Sue: answering your Morgan question, I was very, very surprised at how insanely good Phantom's Revenge was. The only Morgan coaster I had previously done was Steel Force which I didn't like, and was expecting Phantom to kind of be the same but with the one big drop. Hell. No! It was absolutely...
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    RMC 2017

    There would be riots if the park Iron Horsed any of their three wood coasters. It's not just wood purists, it's the town of Pitt as a whole that recognizes their importance and status as city history and iconography. That being said, an original RMC would almost certainly make Kennywood a top...