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    The photos listed below are from Muntanya Russa. Better than i expected and really forcefull. I didn't manage to get any photos from Tibidabo Express wich was great too, once faster than i expected.
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    Tibidabo Here's the beautifull entrance The park Images linked - they're huge!!! - Furie
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    I recently went to Tibidabo amusement park in Barcelona and i have to say i was amazed, once the view was spectacular. The rides fit in such a small park were great.
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    Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi
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    Vekoma SLC

    Which is considered to be the best Vekoma SLC? They all look painfull but there must be at least one that worths a ride...
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    Waldy/K-Wood/MiA/GAm/SFStl PTR- ALL REPORTS UP!

    Looks like you enjoyed your day there...But still i cannot see if you like Shivering Timbers or not... :?
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    Stealth Europe's Fastest? Isnt Furius Baco the one? Do they talk about acceleration?
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    Most Disappointing Ride

    I'd say Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris. I was looking forward to riding it and in the end i was like:''Is that an Intamin coaster?". Really short and without airtime...
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    Wirral Fair - Rock Rage

    Wow it's really fast...
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    Disneyland Resort Paris

    The fireworks created a magical atmosphere. I ve heard that French love firworks and i could see with my eyes! Unique experience!
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    Disneyland Resort Paris

    I was in Paris a week ago with a group of schoolmates. Our trip included of course a visit to Disneyland Resort Paris. We arrived at 11:am and chose Disneyland instead of Studios. We headed for Frontierland and took fastpasses for big thunder mountain, and for Indiana Jones at Adventureland...
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    Anyway, i think that the life and times of Scroog mc Duck is the winner!I love that comic book!It's fun but moving too...If only designers followed Rosas's example...
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    No limits fairground

    Yes i was bored too...
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    No limits fairground

    I downloaded the nolimits faiground and i have to admit that i was amazed.Does anyone have the full version?
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    in my country we have published 2 bone albums so far..