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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    Kondaa was a great ride, but maybe not quite as good as I had hyped myself up for. The first drop is great (though I still prefer EGF’s I think), it has really strong airtime on the first hill and then tries to throw you out completely on the banked hill! The non-inverting cobra roll doesn’t do...
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    What’s next for Phantasialand?

    I was at Phantasialand yesterday, and the excellent quality of the majority of their rides makes the remaining older rides (Geister Rickshaw and Crazy Bats specifically!) stand out like a sore thumb! A new trackless dark ride in either location is surely the ideal next investment for the park.
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    After hitting 500 on Storm Chaser at Paultons in April, my 600 was Kondaa on Saturday for Walibi Belgium’s reopening day. I’d forgotten that my 100 was also at Walibi a few years back!
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    Are ‘alpine coasters’ a bit ****?

    I did a few Mountain Coasters last week on a trip around Germany, they are good fun to get when visiting parks nearby. There is a very short one near Freizeitland Geiselwind that was part of a beer garden set up, perfect combo! We also made a trip to the SpeedBob coaster with the airtime...
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    Your Favorite Flat Ride?

    Vertigo at Tivoli Gardens, also RIP 😢
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    Last Cred Review

    Karnan is incredible! One of my most recent new creds was Furious Baco. And against popular opinion, I loved it! The launch on that thing is so intense, and the way it maintains its speed staying so flat to the ground felt awesome, particularly in the dark at 11pm. I admittedly have a fairly...
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    The Smiler vs Colossus; which of the UK’s inversion record breakers do you prefer?

    I am old enough to have ridden Colossus on its opening weekend and it certainly wasn’t at all rough or uncomfortable back then in 2002! I posted somewhere in another thread a while back (can’t remember where), but when it first opened the restraints were different & a lot less bulky. So much so...
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    CoasterForce’s Favourite Dutch Rollercoasters

    Untamed Troy Fenix Joris en de Draak De Vliegende Hollander Goliath Lost Gravity Goldrush Baron 1898 Vogel Rok
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    New coaster coming to PortAventura?

    Yep, I was way too optimistic about this one 😂
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    Yep I had the misfortune of riding it a couple of weeks back too! I think it was closed all of last year but they got it back up and running this year to try and justify the £24.50 entry!! It is in a horrendous condition though...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    They’re taking the piss calling it The Ultimate 😂 “Please ignore the big coaster at the back of the park, pay us a fiver to put this headset on instead”
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    New coaster coming to PortAventura?

    I am going next week for the first time since 2006 (pre Furius Baco!), and really hoping ops aren’t as bad as I’ve heard about in recent years! They are certainly due a new coaster in PA, or maybe another within Ferrari Land to make it more appealing as a 2nd gate?
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    New coaster coming to PortAventura?

    I’ve not heard any rumours so far, but PA have tweeted the below today, that translates to: Could they be making an announcement for National Rollercoaster Day?
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    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    Yep, and their larger zyklon style coaster is the one that has turned up at Funland in Weston Super Mare this year!
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    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    The Fiabilandia one is SO GOOD, it has dark ride sections and everything 😂 Gardaland also has a cool custom one. Those Italians take their worms seriously!