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    Any cloned coasters that you like more than the original?

    Ok I have never heard of Euro Express before but just looked it up on RCDB, wow... It took me a second glance to realise some of the pictures were of the actual ride and not a model, that’s some very cool themeing!
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    Any cloned coasters that you like more than the original?

    The Monster / Raptor comparison is interesting. I rode Monster last year after doing Raptor in 2018 and was blown away by it. It’s literally dumped in an overgrown field with faded paint, but the ride experience was so good. I was surprised by how smooth it rode and the lack of a MCBR led to a...
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    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    You can’t really compare this situation to the 2008 financial crisis for the parks, it’s entirely different circumstances. In terms of the UK parks, they would have benefitted back then from the lack of people travelling abroad for expensive holidays and taking trip in the UK instead. Even if...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    The Corkscrew at Holiday Park was scrapped as they kept the inversions as an archway over the path to Sky Scream, like at Alton Towers.
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    Personal set completion to-do lists?

    I wanted to get every B&M in Europe, did a lot of trips last year to get the missing creds and am now down to just Shambhala to go. Booked a trip to PA this May, where I’ve not been since 2006.
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    Your Year in Review: 2019 edition on page 5

    Coaster count at start of 2019: 304 Coaster count at end of 2019: 423 New credits obtained in 2019: 119 New parks visited in 2019: 24: Adventure World (Perth), Hansa Park, Heide Park, Dreamland, Drievlett, Duinrell, Hellendoorn, Slagharen, Walibi Holland, Movie Park Germany, Toverland, Efteling...
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    Most valuable yearly passes

    I would definitely recommend the Slagharen gold pass if you have plans to visit a few PR parks next year. I bought one in the Black Friday sale last November for around €40 last November and have used it to visit 7 parks in total this season. You also get discounts at various other parks, much...
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    Your Boomerang/SLC Count.

    SLC’s: 10 Vampire, Walibi Belgium T3, Kentucky Kingdom Mind Eraser, SF America Riddler Revenge, SF New England Infusion, BPB Limit, Heide Park Condor, Walibi Holland MP Express, Movie Park Germany Odyssey, Fantasy Island Blue Tornado, Gardaland Boomerangs: 6 Cobra, Walibi Belgium Sidewinder...
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    Most New Credits in One Year?

    2018 was by far my biggest year to date with 167 new creds, thanks to a huge 3 week road trip in the US! This year was supposed to be a quieter one after that, but currently on +111 with the Madrid parks still to go at the end of November. We decided not to bother with renewing the Merlin...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    I reached 400 last weekend, also Raptor at Gardaland! 100 - Psyké Underground, Walibi Belgium 200 - Flight of Fear, King’s Island 300 - Valkyria, Liseberg 400 - Raptor, Gardaland
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    Chessington World Of Adventures Submits Plans For Drop Tower

    Looks like a decent enough investment for CWoA, surely they could get this in for next year though!
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    Hansa Park Announce 2 New Attractions for 2020

    Looks like a nice addition for families. I’m not at all surprised about Die Glocke leaving, it was quite clearly on it’s last legs when I rode it back in May!
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    Mirabilandia | Desmo Race | Maurer Spike Dragster

    Has anyone here been on Desmo Race yet? I am visiting the park next week but it seems like the ride has been closed for the past few weeks, it can’t have been open for long at all! There is a notice on the opening times page of their website stating that the ride is currently unavailable.
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    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2002 - Colossus, Air 2003 - Nemesis Inferno 2004 - Dragons Fury 2005 - Sheikra 2006 - Stealth 2014 - Gringotts 2016 - Mako, Cobra’s Curse, Taron, Raik 2017 - Heidi 2018 - Wickerman, Steel Vengeance, Twisted Timbers, Icon, Crazy Coaster (South Pier), Valkyria 2019 - Colossos 2.0, Untamed, Fury...
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    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    Taron Expedition GeForce Helix Karnan Untamed OzIris